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Anupamaa: Barkha files a police complaint against Vanraj and Pakhi

Vanraj declares that he does not care if Pakhi and Adhik’s relationship becomes ruined.

Anupamaa: Barkha files a police complaint against Vanraj and Pakhi

  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 02.27 AM, Dec 18, 2022

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When a worried Anupama hurriedly arrives to see Anuj, she is informed by Dimple that Barka, Ankush, Adhik and Anuj had left for the Shah house.

Things take a turn for the worse at the Shah house when Barkha reveals that she has filed an apprehension case against Vanraj and Pakhi, fearing that the latter might file a false case against them some time in the future, or trap them by committing a crime. Barkha declares that she cannot expect even a modicum of maturity from Pakhi and the former did what she had to do to protect Adhik.

The Shahs start to blame Anupama for all the chaos, despite Barkha telling them that she acted on her own. Vanraj warns that he will take action if something happens to Pakhi. Anuj and Vanraj have a heated argument, where the former declares that wrongs have no gender. As Vanraj threatens the Kapadias with police action, Anuj tells him to go ahead.

As Pakhi and Adhik start arguing, they are shushed. Barkha then reveals that she had recorded the whole conversation.

Anupama and Dimple hurry over to the Shah house. The former lament why Anuj is always dragged into her family drama.

Baa starts to side against Vanraj and Pakhi. Anuj requests that the whole issue be dropped, as Adhik and Pakhi’s relationship might be affected. When Vanraj says that he does not care whether Pakhi’s marriage gets broken, Pakhi becomes enraged and blames Vanraj for the entire mess.

Vanraj is shocked to hear Pakhi say this. When the latter continues to blame Vanraj, Anupama arrives. She cannot believe how quickly Pakhi blamed Vanraj, and harshly criticises her daughter for her selfishness. The police arrive just then, in search of Vanraj and Pakhi. Anupama finds herself in a difficult situation, as both her families go to war against each other.