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Anupamaa: Barkha still doubts Adhik’s true intentions; Anupama breaks down

Pakhi and Adhik seem to have no regrets for eloping.

Anupamaa: Barkha still doubts Adhik’s true intentions; Anupama breaks down

  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 07.45 AM, Nov 03, 2022


When Pakhi laments the fact that even her own mother does not understand her, Anuj comes out in Anupama’s defence. He declares that children should also try to understand their parents and their mindframes as well. Ankush says that it was not the time to ponder such things and send the newly weds to their room.

Anuj tells his brother that he is mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted. When Ankush tells Anuj and Anupama to be strong, Anuj says that he has to be stronger, since he took up Adhik and Pakhi’s responsibility.

Adhik tries to make Pakhi as comfortable as possible, and gives her a lovely welcome to their new room. Despite the trouble, the couple try to be happy that they are together.

Anuj comforts an emotional Anupama. Vanraj is comforted by Samar. Baa and Hasmukh lament the turn of events. Samar assures Vanraj that he will never elope and get married.

Adhik and Pakhi talk about how they will be able to mend their relationship with their families. Pakhi misses Paritosh. As Adhik goes to get them some food, Pakhi thinks about Barkha’s warning, but sets it aside and focusses on enjoying her new life with Adhik. Pakhi tells Adhik that she does not regret them eloping, adding that she would have died if their marriage did not happen.

Anupama complains to Anuj about Pakhi’s childishness, and becomes worried about whether Pakhi will be able to handle such a big responsibility, while Anuj tries to comfort her saying that they might make it. Ankush also tries to console Barkha. He asks if she is sad because of her brother eloping or for her ‘plan’ getting ruined. Barkha still is not convinced that Adhik does not have a plan in marrying Pakhi. She also worries that they might be kicked out of the house if Adhik hurts Pakhi.

Anuj suggests that they should have a proper wedding for Adhik and Pakhi. Anupama leaves the decision up to Anuj.