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Anupamaa: Pakhi plans to ruin Anupama’s trip

Vanraj finally sympathises with his daughter.

Anupamaa: Pakhi plans to ruin Anupama’s trip

Last Updated: 12.24 PM, Nov 18, 2022


Vanraj is worried and frustrated after the drama that unfolded in the Kapadia house, after Anupama kicked Pakhi out for the latter’s vanity, greed and insensitive comments. Vanraj is further worried when Pakhi does not pick up her phone, and he blames Anupama for causing drama and taking Pakhi in despite being fully aware of her childishness. Everyone else in the Shah house, including Baa, comes to Anupama’s defence and says that her actions were right.

After everything that happened, Anupama asks Anuj to take her away somewhere, as she is in desperate need of a break. Pakhi is inconsolable after Anupama’s meltdown, and she questions the need for Anupama publicly humiliating her.

As she criticises both her parents for kicking her out, Adhik finally loses his cool and tells Pakhi that she is not a Kapadia. He tells his wife that he will take good care of her, but will need her support as well. He gives her an ultimatum, either support him or do whatever she wants.

As Anupama, Anuj and Choti Anu are about to leave, Ankush arrives. Anupama tells Ankush that he and Barkha have to leave the house, as Barkha also played a part in encouraging Pakhi’s mistakes. Anuj and Ankush share a tearful goodbye.

Adhik arrives to collect Pakhi’s phone. He impresses Anupama by asking if he can call her Mummy, to which she agrees. He asks Anuj for a few days off and an advance of his salary so that he can use them to find a house for him and Pakhi. The latter is furious to hear that Anupama is going on a trip. Pakhi plans on how to ruin Anupama’s trip and give her a shock when she comes back.

Vanraj tries to go and bring Pakhi and Adhik home, but the family opposes him. Anupama sees many ominous signs warning her to be wary of her journey.

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