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Anupamaa: Paritosh begs for forgiveness; Kinjal makes a decision

The family is exasperated by Paritosh’s behaviour.

Anupamaa: Paritosh begs for forgiveness; Kinjal makes a decision

  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 03.42 AM, Oct 09, 2022


After Paritosh kidnapped Pari, and Anupama brought her back to Kinjal, the latter decides to call the police on the former. When Baa tries to protect her grandson, everyone else gets frustrated with Paritosh. While Vanraj tries to calm Kinjal down and prevent her from calling the police, he is also annoyed with Paritosh’s tantrum. Anupama also calls Paritosh out for making everyone’s life difficult, and still guilt tripping the family.

Paritosh gets hysterical and asks the family to either kill him or send him to jail, saying that he cannot live without his wife and daughter. The family gets exasperated with Paritosh’s drama. He becomes unhinged and asks everyone to beat him up and falls at everyone’s feet, saying that he wants to do better and asks everyone to give him another chance. He says that he will do his best to be a good father to Pari. He asks the family not to punish Pari and deprive her of a father because of his mistakes. He says that without his daughter, he would die.

Anupama says that only Kinjal has the right to give Paritosh anything, and leaves the decision up to Kinjal. Anupama says that whatever Kinjal decides, everyone else has to agree without a word.

Kinjal says that she can never forgive Paritosh, nor will she have anyone else forgive him either. But she is willing to give Paritosh one chance, to be Pari’s father again. However, she says that she will never be able to accept him as a husband ever again.

Despite Kinjal warning him that it is his last chance, Paritosh is grateful for the chance to prove himself. The family asks Paritosh to use the chance he got wisely. Everyone is left touched by Paritosh’s love for Pari.

Anupamaa is available for streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.