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Anupamaa: Vanraj refuses to budge, despite Leela’s insistence

Even Anuj agrees to Pakhi and Adhik’s marriage.

Anupamaa: Vanraj refuses to budge, despite Leela’s insistence

Last Updated: 11.56 AM, Oct 21, 2022


The Shah house is still reeling from Pakhi and Adhik’s issue, and Baa’s sickness. Kavya tries her best to handle the situation, and confides in Anupama about how she wants her family to be happy. Anupama decides to talk to Vanraj about Pakhi.

Hasmukh and Mamaji try to lift Baa’s spirits, but the latter is still worried about Pakhi and her future. Baa worries about what people might say if the news gets out, and how it might affect both the family and Pakhi herself. Kavya tries to comfort Baa and tries to explain to Leela how worried everyone is about her, especially Vanraj.

Vanraj laments about how his bad his fate is, that his children are giving him so much grief. He talks about how sometimes he even feels like killing himself. Anupama scolds Vanraj for saying such things, and says that nothing would get solved that way. Vanraj talks about how angry he is with everyone, and regrets giving Pakhi so much more love than he gave his sons.

Anupama also opens up about where they went wrong with Pakhi. Both parents admit to being scared about what Pakhi did, but Anupama says that she believed Pakhi when she said that nothing happened between her and Adhik. Although nothing happened this time, Vanraj is worried whether something might happen in the future, adding that he does not trust Adhik at all. Anupama reminds Vanraj that Pakhi is adamant in marrying Adhik and says that it was impossible to force her to stop, and advices talking to her calmly. Vanraj warns Anupama that if Adhik is not sent back to the US, the former will do something he regrets.

Vanraj discusses the next step with his family, and everyone, including Hasmukh and Leela are of the opinion that Pakhi and Adhik should be married. Just then Anuj arrives and also says that Pakhi and Adhik should be married, leaving Vanraj with a tough decision to make.

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