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Anupamaa: Vanraj Shah ONCE AGAIN plays the spoilsport between Anuj and Anupamaa

Just as when Anuj is about to tell the truth, there comes Vanraj Shah and…

Anupamaa: Vanraj Shah ONCE AGAIN plays the spoilsport between Anuj and Anupamaa
Team Anupamaa

Last Updated: 01.08 PM, May 23, 2023


The day starts off with everyone being super eager for the mehndi ceremony in Shah House. That’s when Baa sees Dimpy in the house. When asked she says that, since her beauty parlour make up was done early, she thought of overseeing the preparations in the Shah House. And when taunted by Baa, Kinjal chips in to break the upcoming tension by telling Baa that they have million and one things to do like preparations of sweets etc… Hearing this, Dimpy asks them as to why are they stressing themselves out by doing everything on their own.

Dimpy, then, cites the example of ‘Kapadia House’ and says that, out there, everything is being done by the staff while the house members are relaxing in spas and getting ready for the mehndi ceremony. That’s when Baa explodes stating that, she (Dimpy) should know and realise that this is not ‘Kapadia House’, but ‘Shah House’. She also explains that, they know their limitations regarding finances and that she (Dimpy) should not boast or sing praises about ‘Kapadias’ because, she is only a guest there and not a family member.

In order to cut the brewing tension, Kinjal asks Samar about his sherwani, to which, Dimpy replies that, she has already told Anuj about it and that he will be doing the required purchases from the market. Hearing that, Vanraj becomes restless and excuses himself from the situation and goes to the market with the constant fear that Anuj and Anupamaa should not meet each other in the market.

In the market, Anuj stops his bike in the market to tell the truth to Anupamaa. Just as when he was about to tell the truth, there barges Vanraj Shah with his car and sneaks Anupamaa away with him at the pretext of going to Shah House. While inside the car, Vanraj starts speaking to Anupamaa regarding their three children growing up to being adults.

Meanwhile, in the ‘Shah House’, when Kinjal is getting ready for the function, Toshu comes to her and requests her to pay heed to his request of having another baby. And when Toshu asks Kinjal to give clarity, she makes it loud and clear that, after Samar’s marriage, she would be leaving the ‘Shah House’ forever.

Back home, at the ‘Shah House’, just as when everyone is ready to apply mehndi, Maaya tells (read ‘announces’) before everyone that, she too will apply mehndi on her hands… which will be bearing the stamp of Anuj. Needless to say, that, this puts everyone in an extremely awkward situation.

SPOILER ALERT: Kaavya tells Anupamaa that she is pregnant. Hearing which, Anupamaa is super happy. What will be Vanraj Shah’s reaction is what needs to be seen…

Anuj, who is on a bike ride with Anupamaa, apologises to her for the speed breakers on the road. This is followed by a ‘lovely silent tension’ between the still-in-love-lovebirds.

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