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Anupamaa: Will Barkha tell Vanraj the truth about Adhik?

Anuj decides to surprise Anupama on her first day of college.

Anupamaa: Will Barkha tell Vanraj the truth about Adhik?

  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 03.15 AM, Oct 25, 2022


Anupama is all set to go to college. She is surprised to see Anuj atop his bike, ready to drop Anupama at college. He says that it had always been his dream to take Anupama to college atop his bike, and was thrilled to finally get a chance to fulfill that dream of his after so many years.

The Shah house witnesses yet another round of drama as Pakhi declares that she will not go to college as long as Anupama is studying there. Samar and the rest of the family are exasperated with Pakhi’s tantrums. Pakhi says she is embarrassed because of Anupama and claims that the latter is doing all this just to keep an eye on Pakhi. No amount of explaining and consoling from Kavya, Samar, Baa and Vanraj is able to calm her down.

Back at the Kapadia house, Barkha is furious with Adhik. She yells at her brother for giving more importance to Pakhi than his own sister. Barkha then questions whether or not Adhik is doing all this to get close to Anuj to take over the Kapadia business. A frustrated Ankush and Adhik tell her not to be a part of the wedding if she is so against it.

Anuj drops Anupama at college. After an emotional goodbye, Anuj decides to watch over Anupama on her first day, without his wife knowing. Choti Anu also prays for Anupama. Anupama is nervous and excited for her first day. She gets flustered when her classmates mistake her for a teacher, but heaves a sigh of relief when she realises that another older woman has also decided to join her class as well to study. The teacher appreciates the two elder women for pursuing their dreams.

Barkha makes her way to the Shah house, and tells Vanraj that she has something very important to discuss with him.