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Anupamaa Written Update 27 August 2023: Paakhi falls into Anupamaa’s MASTERPLAN; confesses that she was hit by Adhik!

When Paakhi refuses to accept that she was hit badly by Adhik, Anupamaa hatches a masterplan!

Anupamaa Written Update 27 August 2023: Paakhi falls into Anupamaa’s MASTERPLAN; confesses that she was hit by Adhik!
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  • Satish Sundaresan

Last Updated: 08.48 AM, Aug 27, 2023

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The day starts off with Romil lost in his own world while he is listening to music on a hoverboard. That’s when Adhik (who is also sitting in the same room) sees him. The very moment he sees him, all the past memories about Romil whistling at his situation and his taunts start crowding Adhik’s mind. Seizing this opportunity, Adhik throws an obstacle in the path of Romil, who, later stumbles because of that. Post that, when Adhik starts taunting Romil, the latter then wages an attack on the former. What ensues after that is a physical fight between the two guys viz., Adhik and Romil.

Hearing the noise of the fight, Paakhi steps out of the kitchen. Seeing the two guys getting involved in a physical fight, Paakhi tries her best to stop them from fighting. But, since the two guys are in a fit of rage, they are in no mood to listen to anyone. And when Paakhi continuously tries to stop the two guys, Adhik, in a angry mood pushes Paakhi so hard that she hits a table nearby and eventually, blood oozes from her forehead.

Seeing this, Romil immediately stops the fight, only to be followed by Adhik. At the same time, Anuj and Anupamaa return back to Kapadia House. And when Anupamaa and Anuj see the bleeding condition of Paakhi, they start shouting at the two guys. In spite of all this, Paakhi is just not ready to listen even a single word against her husband Adhik.

Even though Anupamaa tries her best, Paakhi refuses to confess that she was hurt by Adhik, because of which, she was bleeding. Then, Anupamaa hatches a ‘masterplan’ of sorts, which, eventually makes Paakhi accept that she was hurt by Adhik and not Romil.

Meanwhile, at the Shah House, Dimpy requests Baa and Babuji that a few of her college friends will be coming home as they are meeting after many years. And that’s why she has ordered food and snacks from outside. And when Baa offers to help her, pat comes Dimpy’s reply to Baa stating that, the best help that she can do for her is by not creating any drama in front of her friends.