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Anupamaa Written Update 28 August 2023: Pregnant Kaavya FALLS DOWN on the floor, gets hospitalized

Because of a verbal fight with Dimpy, a regnant Kaavya falls down on the floor and gets hospitalised

Anupamaa Written Update 28 August 2023: Pregnant Kaavya FALLS DOWN on the floor, gets hospitalized
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Last Updated: 09.20 PM, Aug 28, 2023


The day starts off with Kaavya thanking the doctor on the phone for the well-being of the child. Saying this, she not just thanks God for the reports being normal and at the same time, she also re-affirms the confidence in herself. Meanwhile, while Dimpy is busy preparing food in the kitchen, Baa tells her to do the cooking properly. At that time, one of Dimpy’s friends enters the kitchen with her footwear. To which, Baa tells her not to wear footwear inside the kitchen. Hearing that, Dimpy’s friend steps out in anger and leaves the house with her other friends.

This is followed by Dimpy shouting at Baa for ‘ill-treating’ her friends. And when Kinjal gets water for Kaavya, Dimpy pushes the glass from her hand and the glass falls on the floor. Kaavya, who just does not like Dimpy’s rude and arrogant behaviour, goes after her to teach her manners. Amidst all this, a pregnant Kaavya slips on the glass and falls down on the floor.

And when everyone is tensed up at Shah House about Kaavya and her unborn child, Dimpy tells everyone that she did not intentionally make Kaavya fall on the ground. Hearing this, Baa gives her standing instructions and stern warning that, if anything happens to Kaavya and her unborn child, she will not spare her and will drag her out of the Shah House.

Meanwhile, Anupamaa feels extremely good that, Vanraj has called Kaavya’s baby as his own baby. Hearing this, Anupamaa even applauds Vanraj for calling the baby as his. On the other hand, Vanraj assures Kaavya that he is always there with her and for her. Meanwhile, a fight ensues Samar and Toshu inside the hospital itself. Seeing that, Anuj stops them from dragging the fight anymore. Around that time, Toshu and Samar express their concern for Paakhi as she is alone in the Kapadia House with Adhik.

Meanwhile, Romil wonders how forgiving can Paakhi be towards Adhik, when he is such an abusive husband. To which, Paakhi shuts him up and tells him that, since he is a young guy, he should concentrate on his studies and not to interfere in other’s affairs!

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