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Anupamaa Written Update August 18, 2023: Anuj SCHOOLS Romil, Anupamaa gets a new BFF!

Anupamaa Written Update August 18, 2023: While Anuj schools Romil, on the other hand, Anupamaa gets a new BFF!

Anupamaa Written Update August 18, 2023: Anuj SCHOOLS Romil, Anupamaa gets a new BFF!
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Last Updated: 08.05 AM, Aug 18, 2023


The day starts off with Anupamaa not just schooling Romil, but also teaching him the basic manners of humanity. Even though he offers resistance at first and looks reluctant, but, eventually, he calms down and become comparatively more ‘civil’ than before. That doesn’t not discount Anuj from telling him to clean the mess that he and his friends had created in the name of ‘party’. While doing so, when Paakhi offers to help him, Romil looks at her with an angry eye.

On the other hand, seeing Samar being ‘in tune’ with Baabuji, Toshu and Vanraj Shah, it really surprises the ladies of the house, viz., Kinjal, Kaavya and Baa (Dimpy notwithstanding). And seeing a happy Samar, an extremely gratified Baa comes to him and offers him to eat his favourite dish. Just as when he is about to take a bite, there comes Dimpy with a tray containing two bowls and a rose flower as breakfast! Seeing Baa holding food for Samar truly shocks Dimpy. And seeing Dimpy holding the breakfast tray and calling for Samar also shocks Baa.

Much to everyone’s happiness, Samar holds Baa’s hand and takes a bite of his favourite dish. Needless to say, that, this really shocks and angers Dimpy. And after that, she forcibly keeps the tray and walks out from there. This act of Dimpy really saddens Baa. Seeing others (Babuji, Vanraj Shah and Toshu) also being sad, Samar acts responsibly and sensibly. He tells them that, let them not all this impact their minds and that they all should be enjoying their breakfast together.

On the other hand, when Sweety enters Romil’s room, an already angry Romil furthermore blasts her for making his life miserable and he holds her responsible for Anuj and Anupamaa getting to know about the house party. No amount of apologies or clarifications seems to be working or affecting Romil. Left with no other option., Sweety leaves Romil’s room.

Meanwhile, when Anupamaa is about to take part in a cultural event, she becomes friendly with Vandana Karmarkar, who happens to be a singer ‘with a different voice’. Both, Anupamaa and Vandana become very friendly with each other. Is this the beginning of a new chapter in both their lives is what remains to be seen!

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