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Anupamaa Written Update September 2, 2023: Kaavya seeks PUNISHMENT instead of forgiveness! Deets here!

Just as when everyone thought that, Kaavya will be seeking forgiveness from Baa and others, she shocks everyone by asking them to punish her!

Anupamaa Written Update September 2, 2023: Kaavya seeks PUNISHMENT instead of forgiveness! Deets here!
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Last Updated: 11.52 AM, Sep 02, 2023


The day starts off with Anupamaa explaining to Baa the condition and situation of Kaavya, especially at a time when she is pregnant and that she requires moral support of everyone and also a family with her by her side. Anupamaa tells Baa to calm down saying that she needs to go slow on Kaavya. After hearing everything, Baa says that, when she was not able to forgive the wrong that was done to her, how can she expect her (Baa) to forgive a major blunder done by Kaavya. Despite all her efforts, Baa is just not in a position to forgive and forget what Kaavya has done to not just her son Vanraj, but also to the entire Shah family.

When Anupamaa realises that it’s of no use talking and explaining things to Baa, she decides to take Kaavya home (Kapadia House) with her. Just as when they both (Anupamaa and Kaavya) are about to leave the house, Vanraj, in full authority tells Kaavya (read ‘prevents’) from going anywhere. And when Baa tries to question him for this, he says, that he is ready to accept Kaavya and her unborn child as his own as a mark of repentance towards all the ill treatment that he had meted out towards Anupamaa when he was in the Shah House as his wife.

Amidst all this, Kaavya speaks out before Baa saying that, while Vanraj and Toshu had made similar (if not same) mistakes as what she had done (of having an extra marital affair), they were forgiven and welcomed with open arms. And when it comes to her (Kaavya), she is being punished. Saying this she says that she is NOT asking for forgiveness, rather, she is asking for punishment for her shameful act. Despite all her pleas, Baa just does not seem to budge even a bit.

On the other hand, Adhik tries to frame Romil by hiding the suitcase full of cash in his cupboard. Adhik tells Barkhaa that, by doing so, they will be successful in not just framing Romil, but also throwing him out of the Kapadia House forever!

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