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Anushree Das on Meyebela: I called Roopa Ganguly after the replacement

Anushree is the new Bithi Kakima

Anushree Das on Meyebela: I called Roopa Ganguly after the replacement
Anushree and Roopa

Last Updated: 01.21 AM, May 14, 2023


The serial Meyebela has been in the headlines for the last few days. People have seen Roopa Ganguly removing herself from the serial and attacking its content as regressive. The writer also retaliated. Another person unwittingly got involved in the controversy. She is the new Bithika Mitra of Meyebela, Anushree Das. 

Replacing someone is never easy, and if that someone is 'The Roopa Ganguly', then the job becomes tougher. What was Anushree's reaction after getting the offer from the production house? She told Bartaman Patrika, “Roopa Ganguly previously acted in the role. I have no audacity to talk about her acting. But, after getting the offer, I called Roopa di first. I asked her whether she would reconsider. I agreed to the offer after she said no.” 

Anushree, who is also a veteran actress on Bengali television, is tense with the role. She spent three decades in television. She recently appeared in several serials like Mohor, Sreemoyi, Dhulokona, and Ekka Dokka. Anushree said in another interview, “Roopa Ganguly messaged me, saying, “Love you, Babu!" I replied, "Love you too.” 

The actress, in an interview with TV Bangla, said that she was nervous after going to the set because she feared that Mou and Dodo might not accept her as the new Bithika Mitra. However, after a while, she understood that she was wrong. 

Some of the audience still do not accept her as Bithika. They trolled her. Anushree said, “I will try to gain everyone's love. Love me if you think I am fit. Our writer (Debika Mukhopadhyay) deserves love. The rest of the responsibility is on us.' What is her opinion about Roopa Ganguly's accusations? She said, “Bithika Mitra is a tough character, with different shades. No one’s life follows a straight lin

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