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April 2023 Week 3 OTT movies, web series India releases: From Kabzaa, Mrs Undercover, Pranaya Vilasam to Projapati, Rennervations, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 5

In the third week of April 2023, many English, Kannada, Punjabi, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Korean, and Spanish movies and TV shows will be coming out on OTT platforms.

April 2023 Week 3 OTT movies, web series India releases: From Kabzaa, Mrs Undercover, Pranaya Vilasam to Projapati, Rennervations, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 5
Kabzaa; Mrs. Undercover; Pranaya Vilasam; Projapati, Rennervations; The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 5

Last Updated: 10.37 AM, Apr 10, 2023


In the third week of April 2023, the final season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel will commence on Prime Video. While ZEE5 will premiere Mrs. Undercover, which stars Radhika Apte in the titular role. Jeremy Renner's series Rennervations is dropping on Disney+ Hotstar this week.

Films that had a theatrical run are dropping on OTT this week, including Kabzaa on Prime Video, Mitran Da Naa Chalda, Pranaya Vilasam, and Projapati on ZEE5, among others.

Find out more about the titles coming out in the third week of April 2023 below:

America Manhunt: The Boston Marathon Bombing - April 12 (Netflix)

On what was supposed to be its most happy day, the Boston Marathon bombings of 2013 shut down a beautiful American city. This three-part series talks to the police officers who caught the bombers and the people who were caught in the crossfire. They talk about the massive manhunt that happened after the disaster ten years ago.

Celeste Barber: Fine, thanks - April 12 (Netflix)

Celeste Barber, an actor and comedian, takes the stage in Sydney to talk openly about marriage, mental health, celebrity-branded sex toys, and other topics.

Florida Man - April 13 (Netflix)

In Donald Todd's new Netflix limited series Florida Man, a struggling ex-cop (Edgar Ramrez) has to go back to his home state of Florida to find the fugitive lover of a Philadelphia mobster. The show looks into the mystery behind the meme. What should be a fast job turns into a chaotic downward spiral into hidden family secrets and an increasingly hopeless endeavour to act morally in a setting where so much is wrong. On a clandestine assignment, a disgraced officer who is in debt is compelled to return to his native Florida; but, while there, he becomes entangled in a dangerous treasure hunt.

Kabzaa - April 14 (Prime Video)

A few instances that happened between 1945 and 1986 served as the inspiration for Kabzaa. It tells the story of Amareshwara and his family, whose numbers are cut down by the British atrocity and who later have trouble because the mafia has grown.

Mitran Da Naa Chalda - April 14 (ZEE5)

The main character of the movie is a kid who was picked on at school and is the underdog. Even though he dropped out of school and is under a lot of pressure, he manages to escape, and the truth triumphs.

Mrs. Undercover - April 14 (ZEE5)

After ten years, a task is given to an undercover agent who is posing as a middle-class housewife. How will she use her rusty abilities to stop a serial killer who targets aspirational women?

Obsession - April 13 (Netflix)

The relationship between a respected London surgeon and the woman who is going to marry his son turns into an erotic obsession that could change their lives forever.

O Kala - April 13 (Disney+ Hotstar)

Harika resolves to take her own life because of her failures. She discovers a curious brochure with a phone number just as she is ready to carry out the act.

Pranaya Vilasam - April 14 (ZEE5)

The love stories of several individuals, who are at various phases of their lives, are portrayed in Pranaya Vilasam.

Projapati - April 14 (ZEE5)

Gaur Chakraborty, a 65-year-old widower and retired man, keeps to himself due to the hectic schedule of his son Joy, a self-employed wedding planner. He hopes Joy gets married. Will he be prosperous?

Queenmaker - April 14 (Netflix)

After a terrible incident, a strong fixer uses her abilities to make a civil rights attorney the city's future mayor and unseat her old employer.

Queens on the Run - April 14 (Netflix)

Four longtime friends, Paty, Marilú, Famela, and Estrella, decide impulsively to leave their routines and their spouses behind and go on the journey of a lifetime after experiencing some setbacks and having a few beers. They will encounter many fascinating, and occasionally even risky, experiences along the journey. Come along with them as they ascend to genuine queendom.

Rennervations - April 12 (Disney+ Hotstar)

The four-part original series Rennervations is based on Jeremy Renner's longtime desire to support local communities by creating one-of-a-kind, custom-built cars that are tailored to their requirements.

The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die - April 14 (Netflix)

After King Edward died, Uhtred of Bebbanburg and his friends went on an expedition across a divided England to try to bring the country together for good.

The Last Thing He Told Me - April 14 (AppleTV+)

In this suspenseful limited series, Hannah is a woman who must get to know her 16-year-old stepdaughter Bailey in order to find out why her husband disappeared without a trace.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 5 - April 14 (Prime Video)

Midge realises she is getting closer to the accomplishment she has always wanted, yet it still seems so far away.

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