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Aquaman star Jason Momoa return in Dune 3; Timothee Chalamet spills a lot of tea – Details inside

Dune 2 has been pushed to next year and will now be released on March 15, 2024 

Aquaman star Jason Momoa return in Dune 3; Timothee Chalamet spills a lot of tea – Details inside
Jason Momoa and Timothee Chalamet from Dune

Last Updated: 05.53 PM, Dec 21, 2023


Hollywood has seen some landmark movies release in 2023, including Barbie, Oppenheimer, and The Killers Of The Flower Moon. However, even amid the intense buzz of Christopher Nolan and Greta Gerwig's clash at the box office, one movie managed to create a stir, was much demanded and still is—Dune 2. The Timothee Chalamet and Zendaya starrer, directed by Denis Villeneuve, was supposed to release this year but was pushed. However, Timothee has now revealed something big about Dune 3.

While there is no confirmation on whether it is happening or not, Dune 3 is very much the talk of the town. Reportedly titled Dune: Messiah, the threequel is on track, as per reports. It was said that work on the same has begun. But Denis has never confirmed. However, Timothee Chalamet has now confirmed that Jason Momoa returns in the third part, and this also means there is a third part already in the making.

As per Comicbook, while talking about Dune 2 and whether we will get to see Aquaman Jason Momoa as Duncan Idaho back in it, Timothee Chalamet confirmed that he will be back but not in Dune 2. "But Momoa will be back," said Chalamet. "Not in this one, but in [Messiah]... It's weird because they're so secretive about the script and the trailer, but [the books] have been out there for 70 years."

Jason Momoa is right now witnessing the release of his DC film Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom. As for Dune 3, Denis Villeneuve recently revealed his idea about Dune Messiah. "If I succeed in making a trilogy, that would be the dream," Villeneuve told Empire. "Dune Messiah was written in reaction to the fact that people perceived Paul Atreides as a hero. Which is not what he wanted to do. My adaptation [of Dune] is closer to his idea that it's actually a warning."

The trailer for Dune 2 was well-received by the audience and it piqued their curiosity even more. The sequel stars Timothee Chalamet, Zendaya, Austin Butler, Florence Pugh, Rebecca Ferguson, Barry Keoghan, and an ensemble. It is set to hit the big screen on March 15, 2024.

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