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AR Rahman's son AR Ameen escapes accident on set: What really happened?

Oscar-winning music composer AR Rahman's son AR Ameen has recounted his trauma of surviving a major accident on the sets.

AR Rahman's son AR Ameen escapes accident on set: What really happened?
AR Ameen on near-miss incident.

Last Updated: 01.51 PM, Mar 06, 2023


Up-and-coming musician AR Ameen, who is the son of Oscar-winning music composer AR Rahman, was involved in a near-miss incident. He revealed that he was still "shell-shocked" after surviving a major accident on the sets. 

Ameen was shooting for a video song three days ago. While he and his team were performing for the camera, a crane holding the heavy chandeliers came crashing down on the sets. Ameen escaped the accident just by a whisker. And he noted that he was still struggling to recover from the trauma he suffered during the incident. Ameen has also held the production team accountable. 

Ameen took to his Instagram account to share the pictures of the accident and expresses his gratitude for surviving the near-miss without any physical injury. 

"I am thankful to the Almighty, my parents, family, well-wishers, and my spiritual teacher that I am safe and alive today. Just three nights ago, I was shooting for a song and I trusted the team to have taken care of the engineering and safety, while I was focusing on performing in front of the camera. The whole truss and chandeliers that were suspended from a crane came crashing down while I was right in the middle of the spot. If it were a few inches here and there, a few seconds earlier or later, the whole rig would have fallen on our heads. My team and I are shell-shocked and unable to recover from the trauma," Ameen wrote on his Instagram page. 

Rahman reacted to Ameen's post and wrote, ''Miraculous escape.''

Ameen's sister Khatija Rahman wrote, "Heart breaking Ameen. I can’t imagine how this would have felt. Our prayers and love are always with you darling. Take care." 

''God's grace, my brother. We are here for you,'' wrote Raheema Rahman, Ameen's other sister. 

Ameen is pursuing a career as a singer. He began his career as a playback singer with director Mani Ratnam's 2015 movie O Kadhal Kanmani. He has sung in several of Rahman's projects. 

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