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Arcadian on Lionsgate Play: Release date for Nicolas Cage’s movie revealed

Starring Nicolas Cage in the lead Arcadian is a apocalyptic survival drama that hits Lionsgate Play this month. 

Arcadian on Lionsgate Play: Release date for Nicolas Cage’s movie revealed

Arcadian Release Date Out

Last Updated: 02.04 AM, Jul 11, 2024


It is definitely the age of Nicolas Cage, and we are just here existing, marveling over his range as an actor. The day has been about the many updates that we have gotten about his Spider-Man Noir show that is being made at Amazon with Sony Pictures Television which now has a new title which is Spider-Noir. The show has new cast members, and Cage even gave out the episode count and some major details about it. This means the fans are having a great time. However, the fans also have another reason to be having a good time because Cage is all set to mark his yet another attendance at the Lionsgate Play haul where he has a dedicated library it seems. Well, if you are new to this news, Arcadian, a movie we loved Nicolas in, is all set to have a second round of the streaming world with its release on Lionsgate Play.

Arcadian On Lionsgate Play

It hasn't been long since the release of Dream Scenario on Lionsgate Play, where Nicolas Cage played a man who gets famous overnight after a very quirky event that recurs throughout the film. The movie was loved by many and was trending on the platform for a while even. It was recently when the streamer updated their coming up list of July and that has another Nicolas movie that the fans could look forward to, and it was Arcadian. Turns out we now even know the release date of the film, and below is everything you should know about the same.

Arcadian Still
Arcadian Still

As per the little birdies, Arcadian, the movie about survival, bonds, an apocalyptic day, and everything in between, is indeed releasing in July and that too in the second half but not really far from today. The Cage starrer thriller is set to release on the Lionsgate Play app on July 19, 2024. You can also watch the film with your OTTplay Premium subscription once it is live on the streaming platform.

About Arcadian

An alien species is out there wanting to eradicate humans from Earth. The cleansing takes place every night, and the people do everything to survive. Some succeed while some die. Paul (Nicolas Cage) lives with his two sons and is fighting the same battle. They are safe until the day one of his sons doesn't return home till late, and Paul has to now set out to find him and bring him home.

Arcadian, once streaming, will also be available for viewing with your OTTplay Premium subscription on Lionsgate Play. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more information on this and everything else from the world of streaming and films.

Arcadian Still
Arcadian Still
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