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Argylle Twitter review – The film is a fun watch for some, while the rest only tolerate it for Henry Cavill’s sake

Released today, Argylle has garnered a mixed bag of reactions from critics and the audience, with some loving its fun, quirky nature while others hate its excessive twists that amount to nothing.

Argylle Twitter review – The film is a fun watch for some, while the rest only tolerate it for Henry Cavill’s sake

Henry Cavill and Dua Lipa in a still from Argylle

Last Updated: 03.54 PM, Feb 02, 2024


Argylle is the latest Matthew Vaughn brainchild—the man who’s created and directed the Kingsman franchise. Starring the glamorous likes of Henry Cavill, Dua Lipa, Samuel L Jackson, Bryce Dallas Howard, John Cena, and Catherine O’Hara, the film promised mind-boggling twists and literary espionage unlike any other.

The worst bits of Argylle, according to Twitter

Releasing theatrically today, Argylle has gained a mixed bag of reactions from viewers and netizens on Twitter. While many adored the film’s quirky meta-theatrical premise, there were others who found the pacing tiresome and the CGI atrocious. Most critics have given the film a poor rating, with the film’s Rotten Tomatoes rating tanking at 39%.

The salvageable and entertaining parts of Argylle

But there were many viewers who went to see the film without many expectations and were pleasantly surprised by what a fun cinematic experience it turned out to be. The film’s twists and turns, which some viewers found too much, delighted the rest, with each more outrageous and meta than the previous, parodying the entire notion of spy thrillers and the structuralist authority of an author on their text.

Argylle turns out to be a fun postmodern spoof of espionage blockbusters like the Bond and Bourne franchises but is flawed in its execution despite its ambitious notions. Yet, it serves the primary purpose of cinema, delivering a mega dose of entertainment to an audience that will have families and young teens in it.

What is Argylle about and is it worth a watch?

Argylle basically follows the adventures encountered by Elly Conway, a reclusive author of a best-selling series of espionage novels centred around her fictional secret agent, Argylle. For Elly, the perfect night is one spent at home with her computer and cat, Alfie. But when she hits writers' block on her fifth novel and decides to visit her mother to shake up her simple existence, reality and fiction begin to merge when the former begins to imitate the plots of her books.


Suddenly, Elly’s life is full of chases, parachute jumps, and handsome secret agents, while dangerous killers are after her for her inkheart-like fortune-writing talent. Anything further will just spoil the plot. Despite what the critics say, the film deserves a watch for fun’s sake, if not for drool-worthy Henry Cavill’s, who seems ready to be the next Bond.

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