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Arthur the king trailer- Arthur is the ultimate “partner in suffering” for underdogs

Arthur the King is the new-generation dog film that packs both a thrilling adventure and a tale of kindness, into a perfect Spring present for those feeling the post-festivities blues.

Arthur the king trailer- Arthur is the ultimate “partner in suffering” for underdogs

Last Updated: 12.23 AM, Dec 10, 2023


Dog films belong to the evergreen genre that is beloved by almost all humans, because of the selfless love and struggle they portray, along with a disclaimer on humanity’s diverse approach to them, ranging from cruelty to adoration. Arthur the King is no different. This Lionsgate production is a two-in-one combo with a parallel narrative focusing on a thrilling, high-stakes adventure race.

Scripted by Michael Brandt and directed by Simon Cellan Jones, Arthur the King offers a tantalizing glimpse into the feel-good adventure film in its trailer, which was dropped on November 15, 2023. It shows a veteran adventure racer Michael, giving the Adventure Racing World Championship one last try with a team of athletes. A chance encounter with a worn down, stray dog and a minor exchange of meatballs leads to an unbelievable bond between the furry loner and Michael.


The dog ends up saving Michael and his team’s life by joining up with them on their race, after three days and two hundred miles. The miraculous thing? The athletes had covered the rocky, occasionally forested terrain by cycling, kayaking, and ziplining, the dog had simply sniffed and chosen suitable trails for traveling.

Christened Arthur the King by Michael and his team, it is soon discovered that Arthur is much tougher than he actually is, for he is rather traumatized and unwell, having been on the streets for who knows how long! However, there is a competition to be won within the ten-day period and proper medical help to be sought for Arthur. The film focuses on the collective race against time for Arthur, Michael, and the team, it is no longer just a competition, it has become a matter of life and death.

Starring Mark Wahlberg as Michael, along with Simu Liu, Nathalie Emmanuel, Paul Guilfoyle, and Bear Grylls, who appears as himself, Arthur the King will hit the US theatres on March 22, 2024, before releasing internationally and digitally.

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