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As Snowdrop completes one year, here are some of its best songs for this Valentine’s Day

The show stars K-Pop star Jisoo (from the band BLACKPINK) and K-drama star Jung Hae-In in leading roles. Despite controversies, Snowdrp is one of the most-viewed shows to have come out of South Korea.

As Snowdrop completes one year, here are some of its best songs for this Valentine’s Day
Jung Hae-In and Jisoo in a still from Snowdrop

Last Updated: 02.51 PM, Feb 10, 2023


The whole world fell in love with the forbidden-love-track between North Korean spy Lim Soo-Ho and Yeong-Ro as Snowdrop took us through their journey from meeting at a café to being separated for life.

And as the show completes one year, give these five songs a listen from the series and reinstate your faith in love:

If you’re with me - Sung Si Kyung

A song that saw Snowdrop fans hum the tune endlessly, If you’re with me is sung  by celebrated singer Sung Si Kyung, who has a plethora of Korean drama original soundtracks under his belt. Created to highlight the strength one gains by having a loved one by their side no matter the obstacle, it points to the forever emulating hindrances in Yeong-ro and Soo-ho’s love.

Wishes – Jamie Miller

A heart-breaking song of love during turbulent times, Wishes by singer-songwriter Jamie Miller was shown love by both fans and the lead actors Jisoo and Jung Hae-in. Sustaining the show’s mellow pace, the song beautifully emulates the pain of lovers crossing paths at the wrong time.

Memories More Than Love – Kevin Oh

Painful love resurrects itself as memories that bring tears. Depicting the fate that awaits unlucky lovers, Kevin Oh’s ‘Memories more than love’ wonderfully and soulfully captures the essence of Snowdrop. Serving as the drama’s theme song, it is the opening song that greets all viewers.

Friend - Kim Hee Won

Melodiously sung by Kim Hee Won, Friend depicts the promise of staying with a friend no matter the challenges. As the innocent love story of Yeong-ro and Soo-ho sees them get involved in a political scheme, the ballad expresses their commitment to stay by each other.

Looks like a Real Thing – Jehwi

Beautifully sung by celebrated singer Jehwi, ‘Looks like a real thing’ is a song of hope and waiting as it speaks of the fortune of being loved. Although Snowdrop as a drama depicts romance and its challenges, at the same time, it speaks of finding true love, a theme core to the drama. Available in both Korean and English versions, the song has received love from across the world.

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