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Asalu is a film that’ll keep you on your toes, says actor-producer Ravi Babu

The thriller, streaming on ETV Win, headlined by Purnaa and Ravi Babu marks the directorial debut of Uday and Suresh

Asalu is a film that’ll keep you on your toes, says actor-producer Ravi Babu
Ravi Babu
  • Srivathsan Nadadhur

Last Updated: 01.45 PM, Apr 14, 2023

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Maverick filmmaker, actor, producer Ravi Babu is back in the news for his latest release Asalu, headlined by Purnaa, that also stars him, Satya Krishnan and Surya in key roles. The film, streaming on ETV Win, marks the directorial debut of his associates Uday and Suresh. In a chat with a vernacular publication, Ravi Babu stated why he decided to produce Asalu and not direct it and his reason behind collaborating with Purnaa for the fifth time.

Another title with an ‘A’

I’d come to learn the ABCs of filmmaking here and somehow, I got stuck with A (laughs). I guess many Telugu films start with the letter. If I need to talk about Asalu, it was a web original I made exclusively for ETV Win. The story revolves around the murder of a professor named Chakravarthy.

It’s quite different in comparison to the thrillers, horror films and romances I’ve done before. I always try to reinvent myself with every film and the USP of the digital medium is new-age content. We can’t keep churning the same stories and even I’m not keen on repeating myself - precisely what I’ve done from Allari to Asalu.

The decision to write, produce Asalu

I’ve supervised the execution of the story. Uday and Suresh have been my associates for many years now and thought it would be apt to introduce them to the industry through this story. Asalu is a film that’ll keep you on your toes.

The film has a unique premise revolving around a murder. The murderer is intelligent and right in front of the cop but the latter has no evidence to prove it. How far will a cop go to solve the case? Will the culprit be caught? The story is filled with interesting twists and turns.

‘I’m a scarecrow myself’

I may be associated with horrors and mysteries but I’m a scarecrow myself. Before Avunu, Anasuya, I watched thousands of horror films that scared me beyond imagination. I don’t even like to stay alone in my house and switch on all the lights if I’m the only one sleeping.

When I returned from a shoot at a hotel, the manager congratulated me and informed I was the only person residing in a place that had over 150 rooms. The same night, Paranormal Activity was playing on television. I wasn’t able to sleep well during many days of the shoot and checked out of the hotel at once.

The female lead of the film was experiencing something eerie at her house at the same time; she felt as if someone was following her to the kitchen and the sofa set. Avunu was a product of many such experiences I faced at the hotel.

Casting Purnaa as a lead

I could say I am in love with Purnaa, don’t get me wrong here. Every director develops such a strong rapport with their actors this way. When I tell her something, she improvises and betters it by 200%. Purnaa is a fabulous actress and she is always my first choice for my films.

Purnaa doesn’t say yes to all my offers. I approached her for a film titled Washing Machine but she turned down the idea and I respect her choice. She accepts something only if she believes in her character. Yami Gautam, Bhumika too acted in my films, but Avunu is my fifth collaboration with Purnaa.