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August 2023, Week 4 OTT India releases: From Ahsoka, Bajao, to Lakhan Leela Bhargava, Ragnarok Season 3

In the fourth week of August 2023, many English, Hindi, Japanese, and Bengali movies and TV shows will be coming out on OTT platforms.

August 2023, Week 4 OTT India releases: From Ahsoka, Bajao, to Lakhan Leela Bhargava, Ragnarok Season 3
Ahsoka; Bajao; Ragnarok Season 3; Lakhan Leela Bhargava

Last Updated: 02.51 PM, Aug 21, 2023


In the fourth week of August 2023, there are several captivating stories making their way to leading OTT platforms. From intergalactic mysteries like Ahsoka on Disney+ Hotstar to family dynamics like Baki Hanma Season 2 Part 2 on JioCinema and About My Father on Lionsgate Play, there are a range of titles releasing this week. Bajao is also one of the interesting series that will premiere on JioCinema this week.

Know about the titles releasing in the fourth week of August 2023 in detail below:

About My Father - August 25 (Lionsgate Play)

The film follows protagonist Sebastian, whose fiancee (Leslie Bibb) encourages him to invite his super-wealthy and somewhat quirky family to a weekend get-together that will include Sebastian's immigrant, hairdresser father, Salvo. After experiencing what can only be described as a culture clash over the course of the weekend, Sebastian and Salvo learn that the best thing about family is, well, family.

Ahsoka - August 23 (Disney+ Hotstar)

After the demise of the Empire, Ahsoka Tano looks into a new galactic menace.

Bajao - August 25 (JioCinema)

Three ambitious men and one hard-working rapper set out on a journey to make it big in the music business. How tough do you think the trip will be?

Baki Hanma Season 2 Part 2 - August 24 (Netflix)

Baki Hanma takes on Yujiro Hanma! In Baki Hanma, the final installment of the Baki series, the ultimate conflict between father and son is resolved. Baki Hanma season 2 on Netflix is split into two stories: The Tale of Pickle and the Pickle War Saga and The Father vs. Son Saga.

Invasion Season 2 - August 23 (AppleTV+)

A few short months later, the aliens have escalated their attacks in an all-out war against the humans, and the second season of Invasion begins just where the first left off.

Killer Book Club - August 25 (Netflix)

When a killer clown who seems to know the awful secret they share begins to pick them off one by one, eight horror fans fight for their lives.

Kumudini Bhavan - August 25 (hoichoi)

Anusree, a new arrival staying at the women's hostel Kumudini Bhavan, teams up with Hochi, a police officer, to solve a series of murders. As they dig deeper, they find shocking revelations and surprising connections that lead to a mind-blowing conclusion.

Lakhan Leela Bhargava - August 21 (JioCinema)

Lakhan Leela Bhargava, a lawyer of impeccable integrity who will fight to the highest court if necessary to see that justice is done, finally lands his first client. Do you think this is Lakhan's big break?

Lighthouse - August 22 (Netflix)

In this hilarious and candid conversation, two A-list comedians open up to one another about the challenges they face in their careers and in life.

Ragnarok Season 3 - August 24 (Netflix)

Magne's might will be put to the test in the final epic battle of gods and giants, when good and evil have become increasingly grey.

Untold: Swamp Kings - August 22 (Netflix)

When Coach Steve Spurrier took over in the 1990s, the University of Florida went on a winning streak that lasted until 2005. The Gators hire the demanding Urban Meyer as their new head coach, and his no-holds-barred approach to coaching produces not just a streak of famous victories but also incessant drama that has far-reaching consequences. The film tells the story of Meyer's transformation of the Florida Gators from underdogs to winners of two BCS National Championships through the words of Meyer and the titans he coached, including Brandon Siler, Tim Tebow, Brandon Spikes, Major Wright, Ahmad Black, and many others, in extensive sit-down interviews supplemented by archival footage. This four-part documentary series zeroes in on the explosive years of Meyer's tenure, drilling down with a fascinating play-by-play of some of the Gators' most blazing wins and losses.

Wanted: The Escape of Carlos Ghosn - August 25 (AppleTV+)

Involving his rise to power, dramatic arrest, and cunning escape, Carlos Ghosn's narrative riveted the world.

Who is Erin Carter? - August 24 (Netflix)

In Spain, Erin is enjoying the life of an expat mother, wife, and teacher. That is, until a supermarket theft reveals her true identity as a ferocious fighter. Erin is obviously not who she claims to be; the question is, to what lengths will she go to conceal the truth?

You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah - August 25 (Netflix)

Stacy and Lydia are best friends who have always envisioned their bat mitzvah as a spectacular event. But when a popular kid and some middle school drama threaten their friendship and initiation ceremony, things go hilariously wrong.

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