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Avatar 2 in Kannada: James Cameron film gets all of one show and that too in 2D

The film has been dubbed in Kannada, but still doesn’t get enough shows. Who is to blame?

Avatar 2 in Kannada: James Cameron film gets all of one show and that too in 2D
A still from Avatar: The Way of Water new trailer

Last Updated: 03.57 PM, Dec 08, 2022


Not long ago, there was a lot of hue and cry when James Cameron’s much awaited Avatar: The Way of Water was announced with versions in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam, but not in Kannada. Although a Kannada teaser had been released earlier, by the time the trailer and release posters came out, Kannada was not a part of the plan. Soon enough, #Avatar2inKannada began trending on social media, as angry netizens demanded that the makers dub the film into Kannada too.

Within a week, the studio, 20thCentury Studios India confirmed that the James Cameron film will indeed have a Kannada version, tweeting the dubbed trailer and a message that welcomed Kannadiga audiences back to Pandora. Producer Jon Landau responded to this, tweeting, “Namaste India! I see you. Your diversity continues to amaze me. I am so excited for you to experience #AvatarTheWayOfWater in 6 languages - English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada. Let's celebrate the return to Pandora on 16th Dec. Please enjoy the Kannada trailer.”

But with the film set to release on December 16 and advance bookings open for the same, this ‘much-publicized’ Kannada version is still getting step-motherly treatment. In fact, netizens had been sceptical when the Kannada trailer came out and said that unless the film was given a fair number of shows and screens dubbing it in Kannada would amount to nothing. Well, looks like their fears have come true after all. With only a week to go for the film to hit screens, the Kannada version of Avatar 2 has got all of one show in Bengaluru, and that too, in 2D only. Interestingly, the Hindi, Telugu and Tamil versions are getting 2 and 3D releases. The sole Kannada show as of now is at 1.30 pm, as the exhibitor is playing the film in four of the six languages it is releasing in.

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