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Avatar- The Last Airbender Twitter review – Fans shower love on Albert Kim’s adventure fantasy series

Netflix's Avatar: The Last Airbender aired on February 22 and is getting mixed reactions on social media. Check out what fans are loving in the latest rendition of the popular animated series. 

Avatar- The Last Airbender Twitter review – Fans shower love on Albert Kim’s adventure fantasy series

Last Updated: 01.57 PM, Feb 24, 2024


Netflix’s fantasy series Avatar: The Last Airbender, aka Avatar: The Legend of Aang has been receiving favourable reviews on social media. The highly anticipated live-action version of the animated series made its debut on the streaming giant on February 22. Fans are loving the latest rendition of the popular animated show that concluded nearly 15 years ago. Creator Albert Kim served as the showrunner for this eight-part series.

Twitter reacts to Avatar: The Last Airbender

Nickelodeon’s animated series serves as the inspiration for the new live-action series. The legendary tale of warrior Aang unfolded on Netflix two days ago, and fans are already immersed in his war-torn world.

While many have lauded the series as a perfect blend of action, adventure, and character depth, some watched the series with a critical eye and pointed out its flaws.

One user wrote, “Maybe the Netflix avatar adaptation sucks because the source material is just not that great..... but ya'll aint ready for this engagement bait.”

Several X (formerly Twitter) users appreciated the stunning VFX effects and the compelling narrative of the OG show’s adaptation. Netizens shared numerous GIFs and stills from Avatar as they appreciated the characters and the magnificent battle scenes between the different benders.

The enthralling visuals in the different episodes are receiving immense love from fans, who are hailing the rich narrative and performances.

Some users felt that Katara’s potential wasn't fully showcased. Oen user wrote, “Need them to give and showcase a bit more of Katara’s ferocity in the show like, let’s not forget, she ain’t no punk, she's real passionate about her beliefs, and she’ll stand 10 toes down on it. bring back female rage.”

About Avatar: The Last Airbender

Creator and showrunner Albert Kim roped in a stellar ensemble of Gordon Cormier, Kiawentiio, Ian Ousley, Dallas Liu, Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, Ken Leung, and Daniel Dae Kim. The plot revolves around Aang, the last surviving Airbender or Avatar, who strives to maintain a balance between different worlds. His quest also features other warriors like Katara and Sokko fighting back against the militaristic Fire nation.

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