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Avatara Purusha 2 will appeal to audiences who liked the original, says director Suni

Suni is clear about his audience for Avatara Purusha 2 and they are invested in the progression of the story, which will ensure a good opening for the film, he says. 

Avatara Purusha 2 will appeal to audiences who liked the original, says director Suni
Sharan in a still from Avatara Purusha 2

Last Updated: 10.50 PM, Mar 21, 2024


Avatara Purusha 2, the sequel to director Suni’s film with Sharan about dark magic, was, according to an initial plan, set to be in theatres on March 22. While it has been pushed ahead by a couple of weeks to April 5, the team has not amplified promotions yet, with the first single from the film, a rap number by MC Bijju, being released only today, March 21.

Suni had earlier said that a song and trailer is all he was looking at putting in the public domain prior to the film’s release. Why aren’t they going all out with the publicity, though, considering that it is Sharan’s first release is well over a year and a half? “Let’s be honest, Avatara Purusha 2 is a film that will appeal only to audiences who liked the first instalment. Those who didn’t like the first part will not like this either. But, let’s say, you didn’t watch Avatara Purusha 1 and want to watch part 2, you don’t have to revisit the original. There is a recap of sorts in the film and then the rest of the story unfolds. I am confident that audiences who appreciated the first film will give the sequel the opening it deserves and they are the ones who will sustain it in theatres. They are invested in the story and want to know how it plays out, so we don’t have to push as much promotional material as we did with the first part,” says Suni.


Avatara Purusha is a horror-comedy about forces of dark magic trying to get hold of the Trishanku Mani, which has been safely hidden away in the home of Jois family, headed by Rama Jois (Sai Kumar). Years ago, Jois’ son Karna had gone missing during a temple festival, while under the watch of the former’s sister, which causes a major rift between the siblings. When his niece Siri (Ashika Ranganath) then tries to mend their relationship by getting a junior cine artiste to pose as Karna, Anila (Sharan) is introduced into the mix.

Anila’s intention of being at the Jois home, though, turns out to be about the Trishanku mani. But is he looking at taking possession of it and acquiring its untold power or trying to safeguard it and falling into the wrong hands? This is what will be explored in the second part of the story, with Dharka (Ashutosh Rana) and Kumara (Srinagara Kitty) also in the pursuit of acquiring the magical pearl. In the earlier instalment, it was also hinted that Kumara is the long-lost son of Rama Jois, so the film will delve into that aspect as well, while transporting audiences into the magical world of Trishanku.

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