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Avinash, Radhika, Arjun and Sheethal’s suspense thriller Chase to release on July 15

Directed by Vilok Shetty, the film is about an investigation and the events that unfold along the way

  • OTTplay Team

Last Updated: 11.08 AM, Jun 20, 2022

Avinash, Radhika, Arjun and Sheethal’s suspense thriller Chase to release on July 15
Chase is a suspense thriller

Yet another Kannada film joins the list of movies hitting screens this July. The suspense thriller Chase, which carries the tagline ‘In the Dark’, is set to release on July 15, as announced by director Vilok Shetty earlier today. This brings the official tally of July Kannada film releases prior to Vikrant Rona to 10. Chase, which has Avinash Sringeri Diwakar (Formerly Avinash Narasimharaju), Radhika Narayan and Sheethal Shetty, among others on the cast, will take on Aniissh Tejeshwar’s Benki at the box office. The film also comes two weeks after Sheethal’s directorial debut, Window Seat, which will be in theatres on July 1.

Taking to social media today, Vilok had written, “"Chase.. in the dark" begins in the darkness of cinema halls! Cinema is mainly made for and meant for big screen viewing experience and not meant for mobile screen or home viewing during the release month! So see you soon at your nearest theatres! Mark the date and get ready for July 15th!

The story revolves around an unexpected incident which occurs on a night and the challenges around it. Avinash plays a cop and is paired with Sheethal Shetty. The film also has Aravind Bolar, Arjun Jogi, Sushanth Poojary, Rajesh Nataranga, Aravind Rao, Pramod Shetty, Shwetha Sanjeevalu, Rehman Hassan, Veena Sundar, Sudha Belavadi, Usha Bhandary, Sathisha Siddartha, among others play important characters. Produced by Manohar Suvarna, Pradeep Shetty and Prashanth Shetty for Simply Fun Media Network the suspense thriller was shot across Mangaluru, Bengaluru, Kochi and other cities.

Chase has been in production for a few years, which Vilok attributes to the meticulous planning that went into its making, in terms of how the film should look and feel, with regard to the locations, star cast, etc. The film has cinematography by Ananthraj Aras and music by Karthik Acharya. Chase has a run-time of about two hours and twenty minutes, which is just right for the suspense thriller genre.