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Awards fiasco - Kannada film fraternity outraged, Allu Aravind defends Telugu film industry

The members of the Kannada film industry felt neglected at a recently held award show in Goa.

Awards fiasco - Kannada film fraternity outraged, Allu Aravind defends Telugu film industry
Allu Aravind defends the Telugu film industry amid a recent controversy.

Last Updated: 04.55 PM, Dec 04, 2023


Addressing the recent awards ceremony controversy that left the Kannada film industry dismayed, producer Allu Aravind distanced the Telugu film industry from the incident. He clarified that the private award ceremony, organized by an independent journalist, should not be attributed to the Telugu film industry.

He also clarified the individual behind this ceremony has no connection with his family. "A journalist has been conducting an award function for many years now. For some reason, the awards event in Goa failed, inconveniencing attending guests," he said.

"Many have claimed that the journalist is a spokesperson for one of our family members. But, it's not true," said Allu Aravind.

Santhosham South Indian Film Awards recently took place in Goa. However, things went haywire while honouring the talents from the Kannada film industry. According to reports, senior actors like Ramesh Aravind felt neglected by a series of unpleasant events.

Allegedly, the Kannada film industry representatives faced challenges with their accommodations, and due to uncleared bills by the organizers, they were not allowed to leave the hotel in Goa. This situation has led to widespread discontent within the Kannada film industry, with many expressing outrage over the treatment meted out to its members.

Allu Aravind clarified that the awards in question have no connection with the Telugu film industry or any member of his family, terming it as a "personal failure" of the main organiser.

"It pains me to see comments in the media and other language artists generalising the issue by blaming the entire Telugu film industry for the actions of an individual. This is not correct," he added.

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