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Ayesha Khan on Bigg Boss 17: How Mannara Chopra reacted to Munawar Faruqui’s ex entering the house with claims

Ayesha Khan bombarded Munawar Faruqui with questions on Bigg Boss 17, while Mannara Chopra was still in the same room with them

Ayesha Khan on Bigg Boss 17: How Mannara Chopra reacted to Munawar Faruqui’s ex entering the house with claims
Mannara Chopra. (Courtesy: Instagram/ Mannara Chopra)

Last Updated: 04.22 PM, Dec 17, 2023


Munawar Faruqui’s ex Ayesha Khan is now a wild card contestant on Bigg Boss 17. She came in as a surprise to Munawar, who was not ready for what came next. Ayesha made a lot of claims, most of which Munawar readily accepted. Interestingly, Munawar and Mannara Chopra are also growing close in the house and she got to witness it all firsthand. Here’s how she reacted…

Mannara Chopra meets Ayesha Khan first with Munawar Faruqui

As usual, Bigg Boss called Mannara along with Munawar, this time in the archives room. The two would often make it to the confession room but this time, it was exclusive to the room which was associated with dimaag ghar. The ghar is currently occupied by the captain, Munawar. In the archives room, both Mannara and Munawar caught a glimpse of the newest wild card contestant, Ayesha Khan.

Mannara Chopra’s reaction as Ayesha makes claims on Munawar and he accepts them

Mannara became the first witness in the matter unfolding. Ayesha had revealed that Munawar was two-timing her with Nazila Sitaishi. She later went on to say that Munawar had made a lot of promises to a lot of women at the same time. She entered the house and aggressively told Munawar that he had told her about his break up with Nazila and thus, he proposed to her. Munawar said that he is just pretending to still be dating Nazila for the show. This, Ayesha assumed, was one of the many lies Munawar said. Seeing it all, Mannara was left by surprise.

MunAra relationship

Munawar has tried to maintain his distance from Mannara and often portrays a hot-and-cold behaviour with her. Mannara is often shown as someone who adores Munawar. She showers him with kisses, hugs and hand-holding. The same is not reciprocated from Munawar often. He steps back when he hears that they are being perceived as a couple or when he appears to be losing himself in order to ‘save’ her. Currently too, Munawar has tried to maintain his distance but Mannara approaches him and asks him to open up, which Munawar eventually does. The two are clear that they share a friendship and nothing more, at least on the show.

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