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Ayesha Takia hits back at haters judging her for looks, reveals if she’s making a comeback in movies

Ayesha Takia had shared a cryptic post and now she has openly hit back at the haters

Ayesha Takia hits back at haters judging her for looks, reveals if she’s making a comeback in movies
Ayesha Takia

Last Updated: 05.00 PM, Feb 18, 2024


Ayesha Takia has openly hit back at haters this time around. The actress was judged for her looks in the video which went viral. The actress has spilled details of the meeting and why she wants to remain unbothered by others’ opinions of her. The former actress also revealed if she wants to make a comeback in films.

Ayesha on the incident

Ayesha hit back at haters in her new Instagram post. She said that people have no other important issues than dissecting her looks. She was bombarded by people’s opinions and thus, had to finally put her point of view forth. “Literally get over me yaar,” she said.

Ayesha further called them out for expecting a girl from her teens to look the same 15 years later. She called these people ‘unrealistic and ridiculous.’ Ayesha further asked them to do better things with their lives and sent back their ‘shitty energy.’ Giving them ideas on what is better to do, Ayesha added, “Get a hobby, eat a fun meal, talk to your friend, smile.” She hoped they are never so unhappy they need to tell a ‘gorgeous happy woman how she’s not looking like they wanted.’

On her acting comeback

Ayesha confirmed that she is not making her acting comeback. She expressed zero interest in doing films. It was being said that the actress might make her comeback with Wanted 2 but she has confirmed that nothing like that is happening because she is happier in her life currently. She asked people to chill, stating that she doesn’t want to be in any film. “Please feel free to not care about me,” she wrote, adding that she’s blessed with a fabulous life.

Ayesha Takia
Ayesha Takia

Ayesha’s POV on what happened

Ayesha started her post by giving her point of view on what happened that led to this point. She shared that she was travelling to Goa and was rushing at the airport since she wanted to visit her ill sister. That is when the paps noticed her with her son and requested her to pose. She obliged for a few seconds before leaving. She was then bombarded with the comments once the video of her posing went viral. That is what led to this very point.

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