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Baalveer Season 4 OTT release date - Watch the 2nd most searched show on Google here

Baalveer Season 4 OTT release date - The children's fantasy show is back with some news actions on THIS platform

Baalveer Season 4 OTT release date - Watch the 2nd most searched show on Google here


Last Updated: 06.06 PM, Apr 19, 2024


Parents and children rejoice! You don't have to wait much longer for your favourite television show, Baalveer, as it is back with its 4th season. The action fantasy show has been ruling hearts since 2012. After airing on SAB TV for several years, it finally made its OTT debut on SonyLIV, which made it easier for children to watch their favourite show. It stars Dev Joshi as Baalveer, who, despite being a kid, possesses supernatural power.

When and where to watch Baalveer

Over 1,000 episodes of Baalveer aired until September 2023. Now, Baalveer Season 4 will be released on SonlyLIV on May 6. A new episode every day from Monday to Friday at 7 pm.

After concluding in 2016, Optimystix Entertainment brought more sequels to the SAB TV show, like Baalveer Returns and Baalveer Season 3, and now Baalveer Season 4. The story revolves around Pari Lok, a place where fairies live. Each fairy possesses some special power and abilities. There is also an evil fairy named Bhayankar Pari who lives there. Her motto is to create terror among humans and animals and eventually destroy Earth.

About Baalveer

The fairies have a queen named Rani Pari. She assigns fairies to protect specific locations on Earth from Bhayankar Pari’s evil acts. Even Baalveer, a child on Earth, has been chosen to defeat Bhayankar Pari by Rani Pari. When he was born, Rani Pari saved his life from Bhayankar Pari as she tried to abduct the baby and raise him to spread evil in the world. Rani Pari adopted Baalveer as her own son and he grew up in Pari Lok.

Rani Pari blessed him with extraordinary powers. She then sends him to Earth, where a man named Mahesh Dagli adopts him. Unaware of his identity, Baalveer becomes known as Ballu. The show features multiple confrontations between Baalveer and Bhayankar Pari. The interesting part is that several new characters have been introduced throughout the show. In the end, Rani Pari sacrifices her life while saving Baalveer from evil.

Baalveer Season 4 promises to feature some new villains and more unique action sequences. The promo video shows Baalveer flaunting his powers in his iconic superhero suit.

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