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Baanadariyalli 2023: Release date, trailer, plot, cast, behind-the-scenes and more

Baanadariyalli is Ganesh's third collaboration with director Preetham Gubbi.

Baanadariyalli 2023: Release date, trailer, plot, cast, behind-the-scenes and more
Ganesh and Rukmini Vasanth in a still from the film

Last Updated: 02.54 PM, Sep 26, 2023


Baanadariyalli is the 100th film that KRG Studios is presenting in theatres and the third collaboration between leading man Ganesh and director Preetham Gubbi. The director-actor duo were classmates in film school and have remained close since. In fact, one of the actor’s biggest successes, Mungaru Male was based on a story by Preetham.


Release date

Baanadariyalli was initially announced as a Christmas 2022 film, but was then pushed ahead. The filmmakers then chose March 17, only to bow out of the race yet again. Subsequently, there was no news from the team about when the film would be in theatres, even though there were occasional rumours about a possible date, and that the delay was only because the post-theatrical business (digital and satellite rights, among others), had not been finalized. Eventually, it was said that Baanadariyalli would release on September 15, but with Hombale Films letting go of September 28’s slot for Salaar, the team swooped in and was among the first Kannada movies to pick the date. This is a plan that many other films in different languages followed, so much so that in a city like Bengaluru, Baanadariyalli may be one of 20 films vying for a share of the box office.

Cast and crew

Baanadariyalli is led by Golden Star Ganesh and features two leading ladies – Rukmini Vasanth and Reeshma Nanaiah. While Rukmini is currently basking in the success of Sapta Sagaradaache Ello Side A, Reeshma will soon be seen paired with Dhruva Sarja in director Prem’s KD-The Devil. Rangayana Raghu also has a pivotal role in the film. Baanadariyalli is an Arjun Janya musical, with Abhilash Kalathi filling in as cinematographer.


When the trailer of Baanadariyalli came out, one of the most heard comments was that it felt like a National Geographic documentary. This, of course, is because half of the film is set in Kenya, with most of the action taking place amid the wilderness of Masai Maara. Including the visuals of Africa in the trailer was a conscious choice by the team, Ganesh had explained, as the reason that brings him there is the ‘soul of the story’. Several fans pointed out the Baanadariyalli has vintage Ganesh in it and that only those who have seen his films in the early 2000s can truly appreciate the trailer.


The team of Baanadariyalli has been very tightlipped about the plot of the film. It is based on a story by renowned cinematographer Preetha Jayaraman, whose one-line narration was picked up by Preetham, who developed it into a full-fledged script and screenplay. The film’s tagline states that it is not a love story, but a story about love, and the visuals in the trailer hint at Ganesh and Rukmini being a much-in-love couple. He is a cricketer, while she is a swimmer-cum-surfer. However, for reasons that will be revealed on September 28, when the film hits theatres, it appears there is no happily-ever-after for them, with Ganesh’s character pointing out that while it is hard to manage after losing out on love, it is harder living without a loved one. Is there tragedy in store for him and Rukmini? What is Reeshma’s role in this, given that she plays a wildlife enthusiast and hogs much of the Kenyan experience? Is she another love interest or the medium helping Ganesh come to terms with his loss?


Shooting in Africa was a new and exciting experience for the entire team. Amid challenges of language and communication issues and restrictions on when and where the team could shoot, the 20-25 day schedule was also a tad stressful for the cast and crew of Baanadariyalli, which they've recounted in a promotional video called Echoes of Baanadariyalli.

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