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Baanadariyalli on OTT: When and where to watch Ganesh and Rukmini-led story about love

In the last couple of weeks, the team of Baanadariyalli had been dropping full video songs, which was seen as a prelude to the OTT outing

Baanadariyalli on OTT: When and where to watch Ganesh and Rukmini-led story about love
Ganesh and Rukmini Vasanth in a still from the film

Last Updated: 04.25 PM, Nov 10, 2023


After several aborted attempts to bring Baanadariyalli to theatres, the Preetham Gubbi directed film with Golden Star Ganesh in the lead, eventually had its date with audience at a time when leading lady Rukmini had just become the latest phenomenon in Kannada cinema, following her stellar outing in Sapta Sagaradaache Ello Side A. Baanadariyalli, which was first meant to be a Christmas 2022 release, came to theatres on September 28, after Salaar vacated that date. The film did not open to great reviews, although it registered some footfalls with fans wanting to see vintage Ganesh and a lore more to catch a glimpse of Rukmini. When Baanadariyalli was pushed ahead multiple times earlier, it was reported that it was because the team had not struck non-theatrical business deals and at the time of its release, there was no news on satellite and digital partners – until today that is.


Baanadariyalli is now available to stream, having been picked up by Amazon Prime Video. The film is based on a story by cinematographer Preetha Jayaraman, which Preetham developed into script. It follows Sid (Ganesh), a slightly hot-headed aspiring cricketer, who also runs a successful home-based business. He sees swimmer and surfing enthusiast Leela (Rukmini Vasanth), who is also a fierce environmentalist, and it is love at first sight for him, while she needs a little more coaxing. As the only daughter of a protective father, Vasu (Rangayana Raghu), it is important to her that he is okay with this relationship, which is easier said than done. Out of love for his daughter, he goes along, but is then left heart-broken when she meets with a fatal accident shortly after her engagement to Sid. Had it not been for Sid in her life, Leela would have still been alive, he reckons.

How Sid eventually gets into Vasu’s good books over their shared grief at Leela’s loss forms the crux of the narrative, much of which plays out in picturesque Kenya. When the trailer of Baanadariyalli came out, netizens had said that it looked like a National Geographic documentary, what with much of the visuals from the film’s Kenya schedule. This continues in the film as well, as cinematographer Abhilash Kalathi takes viewers on a vicarious trip of the African wild.

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