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Baby Bandito OTT release date and trailer- When and where to watch Chile’s heist of the century?

Netflix is going all out with its heist shows, like Money Heist, Berlin, Lift, among others. This time, it is coming with a new Spanish-language show Baby Bandito, based on a true robbery.

Baby Bandito OTT release date and trailer- When and where to watch Chile’s heist of the century?
A still from the trailer of Baby Bandito

Last Updated: 09.26 AM, Jan 09, 2024


Baby Bandito is coming to Netflix at the end of this month to brighten your pre-Valentine's week with some much-needed action and romance. The series is a romantic heist thriller that is inspired by the real-life robbery that took place in 2014 at the International Airport of Santiago, Chile.

The show dropped its trailer on December 13, 2023. Baby Bandito, directed by Julio Jorquera, will premiere on Netflix on January 31. The series stars Nicolás Contreras as Kevin, the protagonist; Francisca Armstrong as Génesis, his lady love; Pablo Macaya as Pantera; Carmen Zabala as Mística; and Lukas Vergara as Panda.


The trailer traces the story of skating prodigy Kevin, who lives in the ‘hood’ or the underprivileged and grimy suburbs. But his ordinary, lazy life changes when he falls in love with Génesis, a stunning, privileged young lady. As their passionate relationship blooms, the latter’s prissy mother declares to Kevin that he is not good enough for her and should leave her alone.

Instead of being deterred, a determined Kevin, along with his dream girl and friends Pantera, Mística, and Panda, decide to pull off the most daring heist of Chile and steal a blueprint from a dangerous group of gangsters, The Butchers, in order to extract six million pesos from a certain cargo. Disguised and armed, the amateur group actually pulled it off. And then began the real story.

The Butchers are true to their eponymous nature, preferring to skin and hang their victims. Now Kevin, Génesis, and the rest must decide how they wish to play their cards, given that he is the country’s most wanted fugitive at that moment, and they, his partners-in-crime.

With both law enforcement and bloodthirsty criminals on their tails, Baby Bandito is a thrilling tale of the amateur yet successful bandits Kevin and his gang become on their first attempt and the consequences that follow.

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