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Bahishkarana trailer review: The Anjali series is gruesome and has controversial moments

Bahishkarana is Zee 5's latest web series which has Anjali and Ananya Nagalla in lead roles. The period drama has been directed by Mukesh Prajapathi will stream on July 19, 2024. 

Bahishkarana trailer review: The Anjali series is gruesome and has controversial moments


Last Updated: 05.58 PM, Jul 10, 2024


Zee 5's last web series, Paruvu, caught the attention of one and all. It is now nearing a whopping 200 million streaming minutes and is in no mood to slow down. Now, Zee 5 is ready with its new series, Bhaishkarana, and we at OTTplay have already reported the same.

Bahishkarana trailer review

Anjali plays the central role in this series which has been directed by Mukesh Prajapathi. The teaser caught the imagination of one and all and showcased Anjali in a never-before-seen manner. Now, the makers have revealed the trailer, which looks gruesome and bold.

The series is set in a small village in the late 80s and has Sritej and Ananya Nagalla in key roles. Bhaishkarana is the story of a man who is trying to suppress the characters of Anjali and Ananya Nagalla with his might. How the ladies are revolting against a powerful man, played by Ravindra Vijay, is showcased in a very gritty manner.


Right from the visuals to the narration, the proceedings look quite dark and give the idea that Bahishkarana will be one hell of an emotional rollercoaster. Anjali, who has played girl-next-door roles so far, is seen in the role of Pushpa, a courtesan who finds redemption by going against the rich.

Anjali stuns in a new avatar for Zee 5's Bahishkarana

The way she has been showcased in a no-makeup look and the manner in which Anjali is bursting out with anger is showcased in a solid manner. By the looks of it, Bahishkarana will have solid drama and controversial dialogues.

Anjali in Bahishkarana
Anjali in Bahishkarana

Siddharth Sadasivuni has composed the music, and his BGM is amazing in the promo. Anjali, in one of her latest interviews, revealed that Bahishkarana will showcase her like never before, and her character will shock the audience.

Well, the glimpse of it is showcased in the trailer, and we need to see what the makers have in store for us when the series comes out on July 19, 2024. Prasanti Malisetti is the producer of this show. Watch this space for more updates.

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