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Baked: Before season 3, here’s a quick recap of Haris, Oni and Body’s misadventures from the first two seasons

The series stars Pranay Manchanda, Shantanu Anam, Manik Papneja and Kriti Vij.

  • Shilpa S

Last Updated: 04.02 PM, Apr 25, 2022

Baked: Before season 3, here’s a quick recap of Haris, Oni and Body’s misadventures from the first two seasons

Haris, Oni and Body are back for another topsy turvy season of Baked. But before bingeing on another promising season that released today on April 25, here’s a look back at the chaos that unfolded in the first two seasons of the Voot series.

Season one introduces us to Haris, a bright-eyed new student at Delhi University, and his chaotic roommates, Oni and Body. After the trio finds themselves frustrated and hungry in the middle of the night without any way of getting their hands on some food, they decide to take it upon themselves to start a midnight food delivery service - Wake n’ Bake. In addition to his new entrepreneurial venture, Haris also takes on the task of wooing Tara, the girl of his dreams.

Getting into quite a few mishaps on the way, the trio finally find themselves on the verge of losing their apartment and make a last-ditch attempt at cramming in the deliveries so that they can pay their rent. When all seems lost, Body emerges as an unlikely hero, managing to charm their landlady into forgetting about the dues. Haris also finally manages to make an inroad when it comes to his feelings towards Tara, as the latter leaves for Sikkim, rewarding Haris’ confession of love with a kiss.

In season 2, the chaotic trio return for another misfortune-filled run of Wake n’ Bake. They are reunited when Haris enters the second year of his college. Body comes back after failing a few subjects and Oni tries his hand at getting a Master’s degree. They attempt to revive their forgotten venture, and, as expected, chaos ensues yet again. Sports, politics, love, crime, none of these are free from the trio’s touch, as they decide to venture into that and more. Meanwhile, they also try to make sure Wake n’ Bake runs smoothly, despite the chaos that never seems to leave their side.

Eventually, Haris decides to fly to the US, Oni to Europe and Body decides to stay put. The three decide to put Wake n’ Bake on the backburner yet again.

In the third season, the group reunites after a period of seven years, and decides to take a vacation together as an escape from their everyday lives.

Baked can be streamed on Voot.