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Bakrid OTT release date - When and where to watch Kannada-dubbed version of 2019 tale of a camel's journey home

Bakrid OTT release date - Bakrid, led by Vikranth, is said to be the first Indian film featuring a camel in a pivotal role. 

Bakrid OTT release date - When and where to watch Kannada-dubbed version of 2019 tale of a camel's journey home
Vikranth with the camel Sara in Bakrid

Last Updated: 05.40 PM, Apr 23, 2024


It is slim pickings this week as far as Kannada original or even dubbed content goes in theatres or on OTT. One of the films that’s coming to OTT with Kannada audio is the dubbed version of a 2019 film called Bakrid, which had Vikranth in the lead. The Kannada version of the Tamil film will begin streaming on Namma Flix on April 26.

Bakrid OTT release details

TITLE Bakrid
DIRECTOR Jagadeesan Subu
CAST Vikranth, Vasundhara
STREAMING DATE April 26, 2024

Written and directed by Jagadeesan Subu, Bakrid is about a farmer called Rathnam (Vikranth), who comes in possession of a camel calf, which he and his family keep as a pet. Over time, though, Rathnam realizes that no matter the amount of love he showers on the camel, it is not meant to be a pet or be in a place like Tamil Nadu. He then undertakes a journey across the country from Tamil Nadu to Rajasthan to allow the camel to be in its natural setting.


The film revolves around the difficulties that Rathnam faces while trying to get the camel to a desert, its natural habitat. Media reports and reviews had suggested that Vikranth as Rathnam gave one of his career best performances. However, it was pointed out that despite his best efforts and those of the trained animal playing Sara the camel, audiences found it difficult to connect to their bond, unlike, say, that between Rakshit Shetty’s Dharma and the dog Charlie in 777 Charlie, or the young boy and a cheetah in Duma.

The makers have said that Bakrid is the first Indian film to feature a camel in a prominent role. Vikranth apparently spent a couple of months with the camel to develop a level of comfort with it that would make shooting easy. Also starring Vasundhara, Rohith Pathak, Dinesh Prabhakar, Pasupathi Raj, among others.

Bakrid is the second film to drop on Namma Flix this month, following the interfaith love story Love that became available on April 19. 

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