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Bambai Meri Jaan’s Kritika Kamra speaks about the advent of OTT as a new medium of entertainment amongst other things!

The actress, who plays the role of Habiba Kadri in the series, was in an exclusive interview with OTTplay

Bambai Meri Jaan’s Kritika Kamra speaks about the advent of OTT as a new medium of entertainment amongst other things!
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Last Updated: 08.58 PM, Oct 01, 2023


The very mention of Kritika Kamra always brings to your minds a face that’s ever smiling and eternally loaded with confidence. These days, she has been making news for her role in the much talked about series ‘Bambai Meri Jaan’, wherein she plays the role of Habiba Kadri, a person whose father is a righteous cop and whose brother is getting sucked into the world of crime. 

In this exclusive interview with OTTplay, Kritika Kamra speaks about her take on OTT as a newfound medium of entertainment and also about the world of ‘Bambai Meri Jaan’. Without much ado, let's bring to you the lady of the moment… Kritika Kamra!

Enter the world of ‘Bambai Meri Jaan’
In our world (the world of ‘Bambai Meri Jaan’), it was important because these characters talk like that. And in such a scenario, if a particular character does not talk like that, he/ she becomes an oddity. Also, then, it won't look authentic. Then, we will sound like characters and we won’t sound like not real people. So, sometimes when your story or milieu demands something that Is not maybe universally accepted, you can either misrepresent it or not make it at all. But, on OTT, you can make it and like the right representation, which is great.

Terminological freedom in OTT!
There are certifications in films also. So, like an ‘A’ certificate film can have certain things that a ‘U’ certificate cannot have. Similarly, on OTT also, there is a warning where we are cautioning people. At the end of the day, it's your choice. And it’s not meant for children, for sure. And, I genuinely think that people are smart today to make those choices. And I don't think that I think it's become a topic of discussion because it's rare, but I don't think people are really using this freedom only to give cuss words onscreen.

Surprise audition call!
I get calls for auditions, and I also go to auditions myself. After I quit television, everything that I've got has been because of auditioning. I just don’t mind picking up the phone and ask people for work. I was surprised, because, for a role like this, I don't get a call. This was a very different role. The very thought for the casting agency to think of me to play this female don… I was both amused, amazed and excited! I just took up the challenge. The audition script was very exciting and the scenes were too good. That’s why I decided to give this my all and why not!

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