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Barbenheimer - Cillian Murphy and Margot Robbie FINALLY get candid about their latest blockbusters | WATCH

Other than congratulating each other, Margot Robbie and Cillian Murphy pull each other's legs, which made the interview more interesting

Barbenheimer - Cillian Murphy and Margot Robbie FINALLY get candid about their latest blockbusters | WATCH

Cillian Murphy and Margot Robbie's special interview after Babrie and Oppenheimer's success

Last Updated: 01.41 AM, Dec 06, 2023


2023 has come to an end, but the hype of Barbie and Oppenheimer has not cooled down yet! 2023 has been one hell of a year with several major events lined up, consecutively. Apart from being the first normal year after the horrifying pandemic, the SAG-AFTRA strike also made quite changes in Hollywood. Whether the filming, or premiere events, or even release dates, several big budget films are already pushed to next year due to this strike.

However, other than these huge affairs, 2023 has seen grand successes of Barbie and Oppenheimer. While Greta Gerwig-directorial created history by being the first billion-dollar film of 2023, that too directed by a woman, Christopher Nolan-directorial created history by being the first historical drama of his, and became the third highest grosser of 2023.

While Barbie has grossed $1.4 billion, Oppenheimer has collected $950 million worldwide.

Cillian Murphy and Margot Robbie's exciting interview

Hence, after such huge success, netizens were quite excited to see Cillian Murphy and Margot Robbie together, and guess what? The dream came true! Recently the duo gathered for an exclusive chat, organised by Variety. The duo is seen talking about their successes, their inspirations, what made them do the films, congratulatory speech to each other, poking fun at each other, and more. Surely it can be said that it's one of the most interesting interviews from Hollywood.

The duo's leg pulling, and making fun of each other

For instance, when Cillian asked Margot how she knew that Barbie would touch so many people's hearts, she replied that she was 90% sure it would be a massive hit, and 10% she thought, “Oh this could go so badly wrong.” When Margot shared that if Barbie would not be directed by Greta Gerwig, then it could have been a disaster. It was all about the director, to which Cillian pulled her leg and jokingly said, “She was always your first choice?”

Later when Margot asked Cillian that when Christopher called him and said, “Movie about Oppenheimer,” was he like, “Gotcha”? Or he was like, “Who’s that? I should go read a book”, to this question, Murphy replied, “I knew the very basic Wikipedia level. I knew about the Trinity tests, and I knew about the Manhattan Project and then obviously what happened in ’45. But I didn’t know what happened afterwards or anything like that.” He also jokingly shared what before preparing for a film, he walks around in his basement and talks to himself.

Watch the whole interview here:

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