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Barry’s Bill Hader lauded for being the only star at the Emmys with a mask on

The actor-director-writer was, however, snubbed at the Primetime TV award show. No one from Barry took home an award

Barry’s Bill Hader lauded for being the only star at the Emmys with a mask on
Bill Hader and Henry Winkler at the Emmy Award event
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Last Updated: 10.27 AM, Sep 13, 2022


The comedy series Barry, written by actor-comedian Bill Hader, was up for multiple awards at this year’s 74th Emmy Awards. For instance, the show not only had nominations for lead actor Bill Hader, Supporting actor for Henry Winkler and Anthony Carrigan, but also for direction, cinematography, sound editing, stunt coordination, among others.

But like a lot of other deserving nominees, Barry didn’t make the cut in any of these categories, much to the chagrin of fans of the show. While social media was flooded with messages about Barry and Better Call Saul not winning any Emmy this year, what also caught everyone’s attention is that Bill was the only one among a sea of celebrities at the event who wore a mask to protect himself for the entire duration of the ceremony.

Although Bill didn’t win any award, he appeared to be enjoying the evening and congratulating his friends who did win, like Jason Sudeikis, for instance. Fans are now hopeful that like Better Call Saul, Barry too will have one more shot at the Emmys next year, when Season 4 drops. Henry Winkler, who plays Gene Cousineau on the show, reckons that Season 4 will be the last one for Barry, with Bill likely to direct every episode.

Barry is the story of a hitman-turned-actor, whose secret life as a hitman finally comes to the fore at the end of Season 3, and is then taken into custody by the cops. Season 4, according to sources will be about Barry’s life in prison and what becomes of him. There is no definitive date set as to when the last season will premiere, but it has been reported that the showrunners want to ensure that it is eligible for Emmy Award 2023 consideration, meaning that it should be out before May next year.