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Bastar on Zee5 – All you want to know about Indira Tiwari’s Ratna | Watch

Indira Tiwari’s Ratna has a transformation like Adah Sharma's IPS Neerja Madhavan in Bastar, now streaming on Zee5 and OTTplay Premium

Bastar on Zee5 – All you want to know about Indira Tiwari’s Ratna | Watch
Bastar: The Naxal Story

Last Updated: 10.57 AM, May 19, 2024


Bastar is out on Zee5 and the movie, featuring Adah Sharma in the lead role, also stars Indira Tiwari. The actress is seen in the role of Ratna, who, like Adah’s IPS Neerja Madhavan, has a transformation. She goes from a helpless woman to one that picks up her fights. Here’s everything you need to know about her…

Who is Ratna?

Indira Tiwari’s Ratna is someone who lost both her husband and son to the battle. When Neerja tells her that she understands her pain, prompt comes the response, “Nahi samajh sakti hai.”


Forced to pick a side

She goes on to explain the situation, of how when you listen to Maoists then the cops kill you and if you don’t then the Maoists chop you up. Thus, it is important to free Bastar of the terror. However, that does not seem to happen anytime soon in the film.

The transformation

Soon after, we see Ratna’s journey from a helpless woman to one who is in service of the nation. Her only mission now is to kill Lanka Reddy.

Bastar poster. (Courtesy - ZEE5)
Bastar poster. (Courtesy - ZEE5)

About Bastar

Bastar is the name of a district in Chhattisgarh. The movie talks about the Naxalite–Maoist insurgency in the Bastar district of Chhattisgarh. The same is affecting people even in today’s times, especially in Naxal-affected areas and the places where they hold the most influence is called Red Corridor. This is in and around Chhattisgarh-Odisha and Jharkhand, Bihar and West Bengal. In their fight, the Naxalites have often targetted police and government workers. The fight is for improved rights over land and better jobs for labourers and the poor.

The film also stars Vijay Krishna as Lanka Reddy, Shilpa Shukla as Neelam Nagpal, Yashpal Sharma as Utpal Trivedi, Subrat Dutta as Millind Kashyap, Raima Sen as Vanya Roy, Anangsha Biswas as Lakshmi and Kishor Kadam as Rajendra Karma.

Bastar: The Naxal Story is now available for streaming on Zee5 and OTTplay Premium.

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