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B.E. Rojgaar: Sai Tamhankar’s reel on engineers being out of job goes VIRAL – watch

B.E. Rojgaar episodes are one of the most awaited on YouTube currently.

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 05.51 PM, Jun 13, 2022

B.E. Rojgaar: Sai Tamhankar’s reel on engineers being out of job goes VIRAL – watch
Sai Tamhankar, Mangesh Kakad, Sambhaji Sasane, Jagdish Kannam.

Sai Tamhankar is currently making the headlines for her web series titled B.E. Rojgaar. The actress has been promoting the show rigorously on her social media handles and the latest reel she shared has caught people attention. This video is of an engineer who is still struggling in life.

The clip sees Sai in a relationship with this struggling engineer and it is their break-up scene. While it isn’t instantly revealed that he is actually an engineer by degree, the link is there.

This man (actor Mangesh Kakad) is revealed to be an auto driver and the breakup happens because her father is a doctor while he is an auto driver. Mangesh then reveals that he is actually an engineer who has not received a job yet. Smartly, Sai then mentions her web show B.E. Rojgaar.

Watch the viral video here:

The other two leads of the show, namely Sambhaji Sasane and Jagdish Kannam, appear in this video as a surprise to the fans. As one could have already guessed, Mangesh was playing a character similar to Sambhaji on the show – Papdya.

B.E. Rojgaar shares the story of three friends – Piyu (Sai), Papdya (Sambhaji) and Akshay (Jagdish) – who have been struggling with finding a decent job after getting their engineering degree. While Piyu aspires to be working for a top-notch company, that never transpires. Papdya also fails his interviews and believes in the startup culture. Meanwhile, Akshay is frustrated with his payroll and so, he constantly upgrades his skills but still, doesn’t strike gold.

After Papdya’s pursuing (and them not having better options anyway), Akshay and Piyu agree to invest in a startup plan. However, as we have already seen throughout, more recently through all the examples in Shark Tank India, having an idea and being able to execute them are two different aspects. The series will now explore whether these friends actually succeed in their startup plan or not.

The web series has appealed to the fans because of its realistic plotline, inspired from real life and rooted problems in India. While the actors are brilliant too, the show also works well in terms of execution and thus, it is currently being lauded by critics and viewers alike.