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Beedhi Naayi from Chilli Chicken is an intimate look at the life of migrant workers in Bengaluru

Chilli Chicken, directed by Prateek Prajosh, follows a bunch of migrants from the North East, working at a hotel in Bengaluru. Singer Siddhant Sundar debuts as music composer with the film

Beedhi Naayi from Chilli Chicken is an intimate look at the life of migrant workers in Bengaluru
A still from the song Beedhi Naayi from Chilli Chicken

Last Updated: 07.03 PM, May 29, 2024


Debutant filmmaker Prateek Prajosh’s dark comedy Chilli Chicken is set to release in theatres in June. The film is loosely based on a real-life incident that occurred at a restaurant in Bengaluru, with Prateek building on this with a narrative about migrant workers from the north east, who predominantly work in restaurants, among others.

As part of the film’s promotions, Prateek released the first song today, Beedhi Naayi, which features the cast, Shrunga BV, Bijou Thaangjam, Rini, Hirock Sonowal, Jimpa Sangpo, Victor Thoudam, among others and shows life of a migrant worker, including their struggles at work and in the shared accommodation they call home, while trying to make ends meet. “Beedhi Naayi is story-driven and gives audiences an idea about the characters in the film,” Prateek had said.


Beedhi Naayi has been sung by Siddhant Sundar and Veecheet Dhakal, with the former also serving as music director on the film. Chilli Chicken is Siddhant’s debut as a composer and features 5 songs, 2 of which, including Beedhi Naayi, will be put in the public domain pre-release. Beedhi Naayi features both Kannada and Nepali lyrics, has been written by Veecheet and Martin Yo. The team is targeting a June 21 theatrical release, Prateek had said.

Speaking to OTTplay, the filmmaker had explained that the film, which also serves as a social commentary without being preachy, is his exploration of why people from the north east are considered outsiders in their own country. The relevance of the film, he stated, was that members of the community are often overlooked, especially in a city like Bengaluru.

Shrunga BV was last seen in Mansore’s 19.20.21, while Bijou Thaangjam is a popular name in Hindi films and web series. He had a pivotal role in the Mary Kom biopic, besides many other projects.

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