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Before Kota Factory S3 release, here’s looking back at Vaibhav-Uday-Meena’s precious friendship | Watch

Also notice how Jeetu Bhaiya affects Vaibhav, Uday and Meena’s life in Kota Factory

Before Kota Factory S3 release, here’s looking back at Vaibhav-Uday-Meena’s precious friendship | Watch
Kota Factory

Last Updated: 07.32 PM, Jun 15, 2024


Not able to get over Kota Factory season 3 trailer? We don’t blame you. Right from Jeetu Bhaiya’s classes to Vaibhav-Uday-Meena’s precious friendship, there’s a lot that this show offers. The group of boys are nothing like we saw in 3 Idiots (Aamir Khan’s Rancho, R. Madhavan’s Farhan and Sharman Joshi’s Raju) but somehow, Vaibhav, Uday and Meena set college friendship goals. They help each other and you sail through this journey of otherwise stressful IIT studies. Before season 3 releases on Netflix on June 20, here’s looking back at their precious bond.

Vaibhav in love

Vaibhav (Mayur More) wants to spend time with Vartika (Revathi Pillai). He tries to convince Uday (Alam Khan) and Meena (Ranjan Raj) for the same.

Uday’s overenthusiasm

In overenthusiasm, Shivangi (Ahsaas Channa)’s boyfriend Uday says that they can help Vaishnavi solve maths problems within half an hour. He then says that Vaibhav will help her out with studies. However, he wants Vaibhav with them, and says that this is not Goa plan to agree and cancel again-and-again.

Meena and Jeetu Bhaiya

Meena shares a bond with his professor Jeetu Bhaiya, played by Jitendra Kumar. Since Jeetu Bhaiya has asked Meena to chill as well from time-to-time, he refuses to help his friends out. After all, what are best friends for? Like Vaibhav, Meena also wants Vaibhav with him. Neither of them takes the hint, making for a funny and true friend moment.


Meena’s complaints

Meena complains to Vaibhav and Uday about how he gets scared and even Jeetu Bhaiya’s voice slows down when Meenal is near. He decides to not attend classes, and Uday steps in to say he will halt Vartika from attending classes. He then realizes Meena is having feelings for Meenal.

Kota Factory Season 3 Trailer Out
Kota Factory Season 3 Trailer Out

Uday’s motivational speech for Vaibhav

While Meena tries to stop Vaibhav from leaving, Uday has something else in mind. He knows he cannot stop Vaibhav and thus, gives him a reality check – that he is in Kota for IIT studies, and to make good memories with them all. That is when Meena reminds that even in top 10, maybe just one person might be happy. Meena then reminds that is why Jeetu Bhaiya keeps a party for those who get rejected.

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