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Berlin – Money Heist’s spin-off prequel takes the violent robbery to the catacombs of Paris! WATCH Pedro Alonso and others in trailer

Money Heist makers are all set to release the prequel series featuring the stellar ensemble cast on December 29. Check out more details here...

Berlin – Money Heist’s spin-off prequel takes the violent robbery to the catacombs of Paris! WATCH  Pedro Alonso and others in trailer
Berlin Trailer

Last Updated: 10.20 PM, Nov 28, 2023


The new spin-off prequel of the fan-favorite money heist will be rolling out soon on the streaming giant Netflix, but this time the master criminals take the wit and violence to the city of love, Paris. Today, the makers released the highly anticipated trailer, and fans are overwhelmed to unlock the crypt with the talented Spanish cast.

When and where to watch Berlin

Berlin will stream on Netflix on December 29. It’s almost a month since the official release but the trailer that was released minutes ago gives an insight about the expected adventure and high-octane action drama. The stellar ensemble cast will feature Spanish actor Pedro Alonso.

Plot/Cast of Berlin

A spin-off of the Money Heist series – Berlin follows a team of master robbers who hatch an intricate robbery, similar to the Money Heist drama. Pedro Alonso will be reprising his role of a jewel thief, named Berlin. While Itziar Ituño and Najwa Nimri will also reappear as police officers. Other promising castmates include Begoña Vargas, Michelle Jenner, Julio Peña Fernández, Tristán Ulloa, and Joel Sánchez.

Berlin Trailer

Created by Money Heist makers, Álex Pina and Esther Martínez Lobato – Berlin spices up the planned robbery with intelligence and deceit.

In the 2-minute trailer, Berlin hints at the master burglary plan hatched by a team of notorious robbers. The gang will take the heist in the darkness of night to break into the precious auction house of Paris to steal a whopping 44 million Euros in jewels. It’s intriguing to watch the shady robbers opening the vault in a single night and fans are curious to know if the series will also feature Berlin’s half-brother, the great Professor!

“During his glory days, Berlin and a masterful gang gather in Paris for one of his greatest plans ever: to steal 44 million euros in jewels in one night,” read the official Synopsis.

Previously in September Netflix had shared the first look and glimpse of the teaser of the awaited series. "Berlin focuses on the golden years of the character played by Pedro Alonso and tells the story of one of the most extraordinary heists he carried out," an official statement was released by Netflix.

Fans can binge-watch the series as it premieres at the end of December.

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