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Bheema’s Psych duet I Love You Kane is addictive despite the ‘weird’ hook line, say netizens

Composed and sung by Charan Raj, I Love You Kane is the second single from actor-filmmaker Duniya Vijay’s Bheema

Bheema’s Psych duet I Love You Kane is addictive despite the ‘weird’ hook line, say netizens
Vijay and Ashwini in a still from the Psych duet

Last Updated: 02.14 PM, Dec 07, 2023


Kannada music composer Charan Raj, who has been basking in all the love and praise that came his way for his compositions for Sapta Sagaradaache Ello Side A and B, followed that up with Bad Manners, which had some peppy tunes, but didn’t linger as much as the former in minds of audiences. His next, it would seem, is Bheema, his second collaboration with actor-filmmaker Duniya Vijay. The first song from the film, Bad Boys, was a rap number featuring Rahul Dito and MC Bijju, which Charan has now followed up with the duet I Love You Kane.


In an earlier interview with OTTPlay, Charan had said that he prefers composing to singing, and yet, he has done playback for most of his recent films. I Love You Kane, for instance, features Charan along with Vaishnavi Kannan, singing lyrics by Kaviraj. “Benki”, “Chindi”, “Masth” were only some of the words used to describe the song, which many found addictive after a couple of listens. Netizens, though, were clear that the praise was for the composition and the vocals and not so much for Kaviraj’s lyrics, with some pointing out that the hook line, “Psych Agode Pysch Ade Neenu Thumba Like Ade, Naanu Lock Ade”, is a tad weird.

Bheema, which is Vijay’s second directorial after 2021’s hit Salaga, was rumoured to be a 2023 release, but that looks unlikely now. Krishna Sarthak and Jagadeesh Gowda have backed the film, which introduces a new leading lady to Kannada cinema, Ashwini. Also on the cast are Kalyani Raju, Black Dragon Manju and Gill Gill Chandru, among others. So far, Vijay has not given up much information about the film, but it is, in all likelihood, yet another gangster tale.

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