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Bhuvan Bam reveals Shah Rukh Khan shot for Titu Talks in a single take

Bhuvan Bam had began Titu Talks with SRK as a guest. In fact, the superstar believed in the concept more than BB himself.

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 06.14 PM, May 25, 2022

Bhuvan Bam reveals Shah Rukh Khan shot for Titu Talks in a single take
Bhuvan Bam, Shah Rukh Khan (YouTube - BB Ki Vines).

Renowned YouTuber Bhuvan Bam had a star moment when he shot for Titu Talks with none other than Shah Rukh Khan himself. While on The Gentleman Show, Bhuvan made many revelations about shooting with the legendary actor. He recalls the champi in the video as his favourite moment so far.

Bhuvan shot for the first ever episode of Titu Talks with Shah Rukh Khan. He revealed that he didn’t believe in that concept but SRK had that belief in him. The concept came into being when Shah Rukh’s team reached out to Bhuvan and said that the actor watches BB Ki Vines and wants to promote Zero only with him.

Bhuvan recalled that when he pitched the idea to SRK, he found it extremely funny but offensive. The comedian also said that he went ahead with the script knowing that only SRK can take that kind of a joke on himself and understands what witty means.

However, SRK gave even Bhuvan a shocker when he promised to shoot at 7 pm but did not arrive even by 11 pm. Bhuvan explained that the actor was promoting his film and giving multiple interviews before he arrived for Titu Talks. Despite the delay, Bhuvan did not give himself another option – to push the shoot for morning.

The comedian recalled getting cold feet and many thoughts going on in his mind. He explained how Titu Mama was introduced on his channel only recently and now, he had a chat show with the savage character that he is exploring till date. Bhuvan had to take this savage character in front of SRK.

The content creator says that the episode did not bring out Titu Mama in his rawest form as he was shaking while filming the episode. Bhuvan then praised SRK for remembering every small detail in the seven-eight pager script and one that involved a complex shoot.

“I gave him one narration before we started rolling and we did it in a single take. He remembered all the punches and body languages,” Bhuvan shared.

While talking about the champi towards the end of his video, Bhuvan said that it came spontaneously. He changed from Titu to Bhuvan. The comedian sat on the floor out of respect for SRK and asked the actor to place his hand on Bhuvan’s shoulder. However, he remembered with a smile how SRK spontaneously started giving him champi. Enjoying the moment, Bhuvan did not stop him either.

“I was so in awe of that guy. That was the first time I thought that I am something,” the comedian said.