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Bigg Boss 17 - Does Abhishek Kumar have it in him to be the ultimate winner of the Salman Khan-hosted show? Find out here!

With just a few days left for Bigg Boss 17’s grand finale, let’s analyse the reasons and causes that will tell if Abhishek Kumar can be the ultimate winner of the show!

Bigg Boss 17 - Does Abhishek Kumar have it in him to be the ultimate winner of the Salman Khan-hosted show? Find out here!

Will Abhishek Kumar win Bigg Boss 17? (PC: Bigg Boss Tak/ Instagram) 

Last Updated: 07.20 PM, Jan 21, 2024


By now, it's very clear that the four Bigg Boss 17 finalists are Arun Shrikant Mashetty, Mannara Chopra, Abhishek Kumar and Munawar Faruqui. And with Ayesha Khan being evicted from the show and Isha Malviya also out of the show (which will happen today), the show is left with the husband-and-wife jodi of Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain, who will be competing now for a place in the finale. All of the finalists will then be seen competing against each other for the grand prize!

Decoding ‘Punjabi munda’ Abhishek Kumar

After having ‘decoded’ the ‘Hyderabadi potta’ Arun Srikant Mashetty, this time round, let us find out whether ‘Punjabi munda’ Abhishek Kumar has it in him to be the ultimate winner.

Name of the finalist:
Abhishek Kumar aka Abhishek Pandey


Abhishek Kumar's core strengths?

Prima facie, he is definitely a pleasing personality. His ability to smile in tough situations is one of his core strengths. Being an actor with a hit serial (Udaariyan) under his belt, he came on the show with a decent fan following. Prior to this serial, he was also seen in shows like Radhakrishna, Escaype Live and Mail Trail. 

He always came across as someone who respects elders and will think twice before telling anything. Testimony to this is when he touched the feet of the contestants’ parents when they came on the show as a part of ‘Family Week’.On the professional front, Abhishek Kumar's latest track ‘Avocado’ was being played on Times Square. With this, the actor scored a hat-trick of gracing the Times Square billboards!

His short temperedness and his inability to keep calm when he listens to anything wrong being said about him. Even for the minutest of things, Abhishek has been seen shouting his lungs out. And it is this trait of his, which gives an undue advantage to his competitors to make him an easy target to trigger him.

The biggest example to this is when Samarth Jurel kept on poking and provoking him. And in the end, unable to take it any longer, Abhishek landed up slapping Samarth! Even though Abhishek apologised for the slapping incident many times before the camera (to Bigg Boss), to the audience and also to Samarth himself, the resonance of the ‘thappad’ will echo for a long time in the Bigg Boss house this season.

As a matter of fact, Samarth himself told Salman Khan during one of the ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’, that he knew Abhishek’s trigger point and that is why he poked him continuously.

Personality traits
Topping all his personality traits is his love for his near and dear ones. It is this aspect which can also become a matter of concern for him sometimes. Example to this is that, even though there have been many altercations between him and Isha, Abhishek did tell Arun that he was feeling bad for her after Samarth’s exit from the show.

High and lows inside the house

Abhishek Kumar’s biggest high on the show (besides his entry in the house) was his re-entry on the show after the infamous slapping incident that involved him and Samarth Jurel.

And, co-incidentally, Abhishek Kumar’s biggest low was also seen when he was faced with an untimely eviction from the show because of the slapping incident that involved him and Samarth Jurel.

People’s choice?

If the voting trends on social media are anything to go by, then, Abhishek Kumar is giving a tough fight to Munawar Faruqui to be the ultimate winner of the show. As of today, the hashtag that is trending on the top is 'Trophy Belongs To Abhishek'. It's only a matter of time and a few days from now before we get to know as to whether Abhishek Kumar ‘drives’ home with the much-coveted trophy of Bigg Boss!

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