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Bigg Boss 14 couple Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla thrilled to welcome twins; watch video

Rubina Dilaik's candid vlog unveils the journey of her twin pregnancy.

Bigg Boss 14 couple Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla thrilled to welcome twins; watch video
Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla

Last Updated: 07.43 PM, Nov 28, 2023


Mom-to-be Rubina Dilaik is counting down the days until her first "babies" are born. The actor revealed in her latest vlog that she and her husband, Abhinav Shukla, are expecting twins. She discussed their surprise at learning she was pregnant with twins.

Surprise and astonishment

Rubina announces, "I wish to share with you that we are expecting twins." She wants to share her twin pregnancy adventure, struggles, and experiences. Rubina revealed to her followers during the final days of her pregnancy that she was welcoming twin babies.


The Bigg Boss 14 winner said Abhinav was in astonishment when they saw their babies on the ultrasound. Rubina said they didn't talk after leaving the doctor's office and going home. She said they couldn't process having two babies. After synchronising the news, the actor noticed they hadn't spoken a word until they got home.

Rubina said that the doctor called them back to the clinic after blood testing the next day and warned them to be very careful. The doctor advised them to be cautious, so they didn't tell our family for three months. To help newborns stay healthy in the first 12 weeks, they must keep their cool and ask them not to tell anyone, due to the many chances of foetal death.

Managing a twin pregnancy

The actor said the first trimester was stressful since they couldn't tell their friends about the good news. She stated that they wanted to be medically certain in the first three months that their twins were healthy and lived to share this news. Rubina claimed that only she knows how those three months have been. According to the actor, the doctor told them that numerous pregnancies are more complicated and require cautious handling.

The actor said the first three months are essential since most miscarriages occur then. She said she was thinking these things. When Rubina was scanned three months later, they learned their twins were healthy. She and Abhinav were relieved to return following this scan. She remembered those three months as tough because she worked and battled sickness, food diversions, mood changes, etc. Rubina said her gynaecologists prepared her for more, as she is pregnant with twins.

The actor said she can't compare twin and single pregnancies' ease as she developed back pain after 4-5 months. She claimed she follows a careful diet because gestational diabetes and high blood pressure are frequent.

Rubina added that she follows a rigorous diet and visits the doctor monthly. Because the doctor must check both babies' health, Rubina goes every 15 days. She stated that she never got fatigued that quickly before pregnancy.

The actor further explained how twin pregnancy can lead to preterm birth. She said twins may be born beyond 37 weeks in a typical 39-week pregnancy. She warned that preterm delivery can cause organ underdevelopment. She admitted that these thoughts plague her constantly.

Emotional journey

Due to her elevated body temperature, Rubina feels weary and sweats a lot. She said she washed her feet three to four times in cold water for 1.5 months and took cold showers to cool down.

After learning she was pregnant, Rubina was astonished because she and Abhinav had been trying for two years. They decided to take a vacation because it was stressful and they were busy with work. She then took a blood test to confirm. Rubina said everyone, including her friends, says she's pregnant with boys.

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