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Bigg Boss 15 November 11 2021 written update: Afsana Khan asked to leave Salman Khan’s show after suicide threat

Vishal Kotian becomes the VIP member. Thus, Neha Bhasin, Rajiv Adatia, Shamita Shetty, Jay Bhanushali, Pratik Sehajpal and Simba Nagpal are nominated this week.

Shaheen Irani
Nov 11, 2021
cover image
Bigg Boss 15.

Bigg Boss 15’s latest episode begins with Shamita Shetty telling Neha Bhasin she needs to get Afsana Khan out of the game. She asks for Simba Nagpal’s help too. Chaos ensues in the house as Umar Riaz discusses with Tejasswi Prakash who should be the next contestant in the house.

Shamita loses it on Nishant Bhat. Neha Bhasin talks to the choreographer about the plan for the task. Karan Kundrra comes in support of Nishant in front of Neha.

Vishal Kotian discusses with Shamita how the game will change once Afsana is out of it. Neha asks Nishant to save Pratik Sehajpal but the choreographer cannot do that. Tejasswi announces Shamita out of the task.

Shamita gets upset with Neha as she picks Pratik over her. Meanwhile, Tejasswi guides Simba about the task. Afsana, on the other hand, challenges everyone. She says that if two men touch her, she will remove her t-shirt herself. Jay says it’s not good if she tries to put them in guilt.

Neha calls Jay untrustworthy, while Afsana continues arguing. This disgusts Jay. Shamita is still upset with Neha for picking Pratik. Afsana has a screaming match with Rajiv.

Umar, Karan, Tejasswi and Nishant discuss what to do about Afsana, who was supposed to be a VIP. Afsana threatens to file a case on Rajiv. Shamita asks her to do so.

Bigg Boss 15.

Nishant asks Karan, Tejasswi and Umar to pick Vishal, who can bring either Jay or Pratik with him. Nishant says if they pick Jay, then it will be next level headache for him.

Shamita and Neha’s argument and Afsana’s tantrums continue. While Shamita and Neha patch up, Afsana shows no intention of stopping. Neha then talks to Pratik about her conversation with Shamita. She says she wants to move on from the toxic and hurt feelings.

Umar feels Vishal should succeed in the game. Tejasswi agrees to that. Karan asks if they can trust Vishal. Tejasswi says that Jay gets worked up.

Shamita loses it over Afsana. She talks to Bigg Boss in English and says she will leave the house because Afsana is disrespecting her. This makes Umar come on scene and ask her to stop but she even tells Umar to ‘go to hell’. Afsana comes face-to-face with Shamita while talking non-stop.

The buzzer goes off and Pratik, Vishal and Jay get to the task. Afsana has not stopped screaming at Shamita even now. She then gets into an argument with Neha as well. Afsana gets in the task with the intention of getting it radd. Umar tries to reason with her but she is in no mood to hear him out.

As Karan picks Vishal over Jay for the VIP zone, Jay confronts Tejasswi on the matter. Meanwhile, Vishal gives his word to Afsana that if he goes to the VIP zone, he will get her there.

Pratik tries to explain to Nishant to get him to the VIP Zone but the choreographer cannot hear him out. Afsana confronts Shamita, Rajiv and Neha, while Nishant asks Karan what if Vishal plays a game with them. That is when the buzzer goes off.

Afsana loses her calm. Neha and Shamita call her badtameez and tell Bigg Boss it is too much. Pratik is out of the task and calls Umar unfair. Meanwhile, Afsana goes on. This time Jay pleads to her to not talk about sensitive matters. Afsana asks Bigg Boss to send her home. She blackmails him by using a knife on her hand. Umar takes it away in time.

Finally, Bigg Boss calls Afsana in the confession room. She then says she won’t get out of the house that way. The housemates see Afsana on TV. Bigg Boss then announces how Afsana’s behaviour was unsafe. She is thrown out of the house because of that behaviour.

Hearing that, Rajiv breaks into tears. Jay and Shamita discuss how the threat is unfair to people. Rajiv defends Afsana. Shamita tries to explain to him how she took the extreme step in the house. Karan says that she wouldn’t hurt herself no matter what but it’s not acceptable. Nishant then says he was against Afsana in the task.

Afsana tries to reason with Bigg Boss in a futile attempt. She refuses to leave the show and loses her calm over members of the show. She says she won’t go alone but will drag someone out with her as well.

Meanwhile, Vishal enters the VIP zone. Every other contestant is nominated for evictions. Neha, Rajiv, Shamita, Jay, Pratik and Simba are nominated this week.

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