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Bigg Boss 15 November 21 2021 written update: Karan Kundrra gets into a HUGE fight with Pratik Sehajpal
Shaheen Irani
Nov 21, 2021
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Bigg Boss 15.

Salman Khan introduces Bigg Boss 15 Weekend Ka Vaar episode and talks about evictions. He talks about the top five process.

The host tells the contestants they are in their comfort zone. In a new task, Jay Bhanushali and Rajiv Adatia fail Simba Nagpal and say Shamita Shetty has passed. Simba feels Rajiv has passed and Jay has failed. Shamita feels Rajiv has passed and Simba has failed. Neha Bhasin feels Rajiv has passed and Nishant Bhat has failed. Karan Kundrra feels Tejasswi Prakash has passed and Nishant has failed. She picks Karan as passed and Simba has failed. Vishal passes Umar Riaz and fails Neha. Umar passes Karan and fails Jay. Nishant passes Pratik Sehajpal and fails Vishal. Pratik passes Nishant and fails Karan.

Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbachiya meet Salman. After some fun moments, the couple goes in the house. She comes back to give Salman a hug. The comedian grooves to Saathiya Tune Kya Kiya with Salman.

The host announces about evictions and clears that nobody is getting out. However, he announces about the top five selection in the next 24 hours. Shamita Shetty is shocked and feels he meant the contestants will be in the garden.

John Abraham and Divya Khosla Kumar come to promote Satyameva Jayate 2. They along with Salman groove to Lehenga. Salman then gives John three entries because he has a triple role in the film. Soon, he bids them goodbye.

Meanwhile, the contestants meet Bharti and Haarsh. The two introduce a new game. Bharti says that the season is not entertaining people. The couple shares Raqesh's message to Shamita but it happens to be fun. Bharti then calls Rajiv the favourite contestant of the house. He is asked to groove. Haarsh praises Vishal in sarcasm. Rajiv says TejRan bore him with their romance. Bharti calls Pratik her favourite.

The first task is filling ice-cream. Nishant and Neha go first. They win two rounds and win coffee. Simba and Pratik are next. They can win chocolate bar. They win one round and thus, lose the opportunity to win chocolate.

The next task is thappad. Neha goes first and picks Pratik. She feels Karan will ditch her and Tejasswi is controlling, followed by Shamita. Neha feels Vishal is loud but not sensible in talking.

Karan is next. He feels Nishant manipulates the most in the house and he can't trust him in the house no matter what. He picks Pratik as his target this week. He loves Tejasswi the most in the house. He picks Jay as someone who doesn't affect him.

Tejasswi is next. Bharti calls her 'Punjab ki bhabhi'. Tejasswi feels Rajiv is self-obsessed. She picks Pratik as someone who irritates her and Neha as brainless. She picks Jay as someone who hurt her trust. As he refuses to go, Nishant steps in.

Pratik picks Karan as undeserving and Umar as someone who is seen because of others. Of course, both lead to an argument. Pratik feels Tejasswi doesn't do her house duty well. Karan starts arguing with Pratik again over that. He further intimidates Pratik. This leads to a verbal fight. Vishal comes in between and asks both of them to stop but they don't. Nishant comes in between and it intensifies the fight. Karan ends up calling the choreographer mummy. The actor doesn't stop instigating Pratik and touches his weak point. The two do not care or stop thinking about Haarsh and Bharti witnessing everything. They end up leaving in the middle of the fight. Rajiv loses it after that happened. Shamita also pleads people not to misbehave in front of guests. The fight continues.

Jay confronts Karan and Tejasswi about naming him in the task. Jay and Tejasswi end up fighting. Shamita feels it is the wrong time for Jay to talk to Karan. Vishal comes and asks Karan to stop.

Nishant wants to go home. On hearing that, Rajiv gives him a hug. Tejasswi confronts and instigates an emotional Pratik. She sweetly explains him about what happened.

Salman then talks about wild cards and top 5 of the season. Meanwhile, the contestants meet the media, who will decide the bottom six. The VIP rule is dissolved. Bigg Boss scolds the contestants for the same.

Tejasswi is asked about the change from talking to Nishant to going in relation with Karan. Meanwhile, Karan asks if the relationship is his strategy. He refuses doing so, stating he found a partner and good friend in Tejasswi. She, too, says she feels cliched thinking about falling in love on the show. The actress further refuses being image-conscious but is selective in investing her energy. Karan calls Umar his companion and says he is like his younger brother. Umar feels hurt over Karan's gadha comment.

Shamita is asked about trusting Vishal. She defends the actor saying he won't backstab her. The last question goes to Tejasswi but it leads to major arguments in the house, especially between her and Pratik. The episode ends on that note.

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