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Bigg Boss 15 November 29 2021 written update: Umar Riaz threatens Rakhi Sawant amidst fight with Abhijit Bichukale
  • Shaheen Irani

  • OTTplay

Last Updated: 07.13 PM, Nov 29, 2021

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Bigg Boss 15 - Umar Riaz.

Bigg Boss 15 day 58 begins with Devoleena Bhattacharjee talking to Ritesh about Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundrra. Rakhi Sawant is then seen asking Bigg Boss to play Bhojpuri songs. He grooves on Kamariya.

The VIPs are heard deciding what tasks to give the non-VIPs. Pratik Sehajpal comes in between the conversation and the VIPs refuse to listen to him. Soon, Pratik demands his tasks be changed. On hearing that, Rashami Desai ends up arguing with him. This leads to an argument between her and Pratik. Devoleena Bhattacharjee comes and solves the argument. She ends up fighting with Rashami too for not favouring her. Rashami calls him 2 rupees in the argument and Devoleena calms her down by making Rashami sip on water.

Rashami tells Devoleena how she has observed Pratik. Meanwhile, Karan confronts Ritesh about his relationship. Devoleena teases Umar with Rashami. He confesses he finds her sweet and likes her. Rashami also confesses she really likes Umar.

Rajiv Adatia says he has a soar throat. Rakhi then heals him. Soon, there is another fight in the kitchen when nobody can find butter. Rajiv ends up fighting with Pratik over it. Pratik goes to the extent of claiming Rajiv spit in chapati. After getting upset, Rajiv hits back. Devoleena comes and defends Pratik saying Rakhi was the first to claim Rajiv spit in the chapati. Soon, Pratik ends up fighting with Rashami again. Upset, Rajiv walks away. Shamita Shetty asks him if she should interfere and he refuses. Soon, Umar is seen talking to Rashami and Rajiv about the tasks. Rajiv says he will get out of the kitchen.

Day 59 begins with the contestants waking up to Tune Maari Entriyaan. TejRan were seen hugging after the song ends. Devoleena asks Ritesh who he likes and dislikes. He names Pratik and Karan respectively. Rakhi didn't like Tejasswi. Rajiv and Nishant Bhat come to discuss about food with the VIPs. Upset, Nishant tells the non-VIPs Umar, Karan and Shamita that he is losing it on Rakhi. Umar asks him to stop consulting them and not let them control the actions of the housemates.

Rakhi asks Ritesh why he revealed who he dislikes. Ritesh then asks Rakhi to shut up saying, he is 100 steps ahead. Meanwhile, Shamita talks to Rashami about Devoleena. Rakhi then ends up screaming on Nishant. She orders every contestant to sort out the ration together. Rajiv loses it on her when Pratik asks him to do the task but Rajiv doesn't agree.

Karan teases Rakhi asking her which season she will win. Soon, Tejasswi steals food and shows it to Karan. Vishwa Sun-Tree calls out to Rakhi. The model-actress says she is complete since Ritesh is also in the house. Rakhi is then heard scolding Shamita for doing the vessels when others were irresponsible. She then asks Rajiv and Karan to switch their tasks. This leads to a major argument between Rakhi and Rajiv. Karan then asks Rajiv to not switch duties after Rakhi accuses him of spitting in food. "Main ek bada saand hoon, sing neeche hai mera," Rajiv ends up telling Rakhi. Ritesh disagrees with Rakhi when Rajiv and Umar hear them out from outside the room.

Shamita tells Nishant that the way VIPs talk rudely. They discuss how Rakhi orders to start a fight. Rakhi gives up and Devoleena argues with the non-VIPs. Nishant ends up talking to Bigg Boss while the others argue.

Abhijit Bichukale finally enters the house. Nishant tells him he is a huge fan of him since Bigg Boss Marathi. "I'm back in action," he claims. He distributes stars. Rakhi gets it along with Rashami, Devoleena and Ritesh. On entering, Abhijit warns people not to mix non-veg food with his. He then talks about having a different bed.

Abhijit tries to entertain by dedicating songs. He then goes to pick his beds. He picks Umar's bed. Rakhi says she will fight for him. She then goes and talks to Umar who does not agree to do that. "VIP she-IP gaya bhaad mein," he says when Rakhi forces they are VIPs. When Abhijit picks Rashami's bed, Rakhi says VIPs won't budge. She calls Umar 'ordinary people' which irks him. When Umar says he will throw the star, Ritesh loses it. Meanwhile, Abhijit talks to Pratik about Karan. Pratik defends Karan despite being hurt.

Abhijit says he will do his work. Rakhi comes and stops him saying it will backfire. Abhijit asks Shamita to open up more. Meanwhile, Karan asks Rajiv to use the threat Rakhi feels because he is a good entertainer. Umar jokes that the politician who aspires to be Prime Minister will solve issues like missing butter in the Bigg Boss house. The episode ends on that note.

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